Lesotho 2022: Day 5 Reflections

Hi everyone! Today was our last day at the worksites! A few of us stayed behind this morning to take a short hike down to the waterfall behind our grounds. The hike was a bit complicated since we went the wrong direction at first but we eventually found the easy path down. We found a bunch of really cool rocks and crystals which we were all pretty excited to find since they’re not common to find where we are in the states.

We visited both groups’ worksites this afternoon so we got to see the finished product of the house some of us have built with Habitat for Humanity. It was really amazing to see a whole new home for a family that really needed it. They’ll get to move in on Friday!

At the community center, the other group got to see the finished murals, new library, and organized donations. We also got to see around 70 kids get fed meals from the LNI packs which was emotional for many of us. For many kids, that is their only meal of the day. We also fixed their playground and put the swings, slide, and the ladder back up which the kids absolutely loved. After spending the afternoon playing with the kids, we had to say our goodbyes which was also emotional. We spent 5 days getting to know so many children and leaving was extremely sad, but we have to remind ourselves that even if it was only 7 days, our impact and the things we did will last a lifetime.

We’ll be finishing the night outside making Basotho s’mores by a bonfire!

Missing you all,


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