Raboletsi High School

Today, our group went to St. Anthony Primary School to continue work. It was an enjoyable day of soccer, ball playing, and painting. However, the part of the day that stood out the most to us was our visit to Raboletsi High School. One of the local Peace Corps volunteers walked us over and introduced us to the students. She is a math and life skills teacher. She gave us a tour of the facility before we were set free to interact with the students. 


When we got to the high school, our group stood on a platform in front of the kids and introduced ourselves and gave a fun fact about ourselves. I said I was a cheerleader. It looked like many of them didn't know what cheer was, so once we were set free to hang out with the students, some of the kids got in a group and started singing and dancing for us. I got really overwhelmed with emotion. I thought it was so cool to see the joy on their faces when they were singing some of their songs for us. Once they were done dancing, I asked if they wanted to learn cheerleading. They all screamed yes! So I went back up to the platform and started teaching them basic motions and jumps of cheer. I was totally in my element. Each time I would say a motion, they repeated it back to me. It was so amazing to see their smiles and giggles when they learned a new motion. Then they taught me how to say two of their songs they sang. I couldnt stop smiling. Today was a very memorable day.


When we got to the High School today, the Peace Corps volunteer and principal gathered all the students outside to meet us. We were standing in front of the school, which is elevated, creating a psuedo stage that enabled us to see and greet the entire student body. The volunteer asked us all to individually step foward, share our names and one fun fact about ourselves. Afterwards, we took a  tour of the school and then seperated to interact with the students. Almost immediately after we seperated, one of the boys pulled me aside. He was probably around 17, and he introduced himself to me. The fun fact I had shared was that I studied history and music, and he was very interested in the musical aspect of that. He told me that he was an artist, that he loved hip hop, and often freestyled. He enjoys Tupac and Russ, and asked me about the music I played. He shared with Alex and me later that he wanted to bring music, specifically hip hop, to Lesotho. He explained that the majority of music in Lesotho is from other countries and that he felt as though the majority of the people in Lesotho are so focused of the talents of the world outside of their communities, that they often overlook the talents within themselves. He said that he wanted his talents to be seen. I think I, and whomever else had the pleasure of interacting with him today, saw that. It is amazing to find commanalities with those who are thousands of miles away. Some things are universal and the interaction was an eye-opening experience. 


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Love these stories. Can’t wait to hear more!

Submitted by Beth Hallauer (not verified) on Fri, 06/14/2019 - 10:01


So proud of all of you and SO happy to hear that you are learning and growing while sharing of yourselves. Blessings to each of you and to the people you are loving with your light!!

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