Lesotho 2022: Day 12 Reflections

What’s up fans! Thanks for sticking with us for 2 weeks!! Crazy to think we’ve been without you guys for that long but don’t worry we are having a blast!

Today we finished painting the community center here at Molimo Nthuse. Today specifically we finished painting the last coat of the last room (a nice pistachio green) and the lettering on the outside.

We also really got those gains in today at the kindergarten site from putting in the floor. We had to shovel over 20 wheelbarrows of stone, 20 wheelbarrows of dirt, and mixed all those with over 19 bags of cement. Quite the overall body workout🏋️.

In fact, we worked so hard we got to come back to the lodge a little earlier than planned and had some time to relax before our nightly meeting.

Tonight at our meeting, since it is the 2 week mark, we all got to share our experiences and thoughts on the trip and it was lovely. The caring atmosphere and emotions that were running through the lobby could be felt in an instant. It is awesome to be surrounded by such a supportive group of people no matter where we come from (just as we feel with the Basotho).

Per usual, during dinner we enjoyed the cringey South African soap opera that has been playing every night at the lodge while eating our traditional Sesotho meal.

Tomorrow we are excited to go shopping in Maseru, eat pizza, and blow off some steam. Stay tuned for tomorrow!!

Lots of love to all our supporters,

Carmen and Lilia💛

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