Lesotho 2022: Day 2 Reflections

I made cement twice again and boy did we need a lot of it. I managed to let the water out both times, but you know it’s a work in progress. We had so many wheel barrel full of sand and rocks to make the ground floor of the house. We also had to make mortar to lay the bricks down. My task of the day was to lay bricks. I definitely needed help from the workers, which were so nice about it and definitely made it worth it. They showed me some tricks to make it easier. The people here are absolutely amazing in every way. We made jokes on how tomorrow we are going to sleep all day, because we are so tired. To end the day at the site, I held hands with a a little girl that asked me to be her friend obviously I said yes and hugged her goodbye, when I left the site. The other group built shelves in the community center and organized the books. I saw videos of the Wittenberg students showing the children how to do the cotton eye joe and taught them how to limbo which made me whole day. Everyone was in a circle dancing to the music when a donkey wanted to join in and walked right threw the circle. I really wish I was there to see that. At the end of the day, we all made so much progress and had an absolute blast doing it.


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