Lesotho 2022: Day 9 Reflections

What a Royal Day! Greetings Royal subjects...just kidding, it’s Ryleigh and Hannah here.

We started our morning off at a chipper 7am for a delicious breakfast including chicken nuggets, which we were all thrilled about. We then hopped into the buses to drive to Thaba-Bosiu, the birthplace of Lesotho, for an educational hike. We found it to be extremely enlightening as we learned about the origin of the country while climbing to where it all began. The views from the top were impeccable and we even got to see where Moshoeshoe and others from the lineage of the royal family were buried. We both found it to be extremely gratifying to finally be able to experience first hand a place we have learned so much about. Like the many enemies of Moshoeshoe, we underestimated how difficult it would be to make it to the top of Thaba-Bosiu, as we were all huffing and puffing and had to stop every 5 minutes (to both catch our breath and learn some history).

After our hike, we ventured to the Royal Village to have lunch with Her Majesty, the Queen of Lesotho, and her 3 lovely children. We got to talk to the prince and princesses about their lives and found that we are more similar to them than we thought we would be. We enjoyed hearing about their educational prowess as we were able to relate to one another through our experiences. On top of that, lunch was delicious with a special shout-out to the Malva pudding and custard. We said our goodbyes and shared our social media handles with the princesses so we could stay in contact.

On our way back to Molimo Nthuse, we stopped to check out a local community project which includes the construction of a two story educational building that is being built with indigenous materials and methods. It seeks to use education as a way to prevent violence in the area.

After a long day, we ended with a nice dinner all together and will soon be heading off to bed as we have a full day of work ahead of us tomorrow.

Sending love from across the Atlantic,

Ryleigh and Hannah

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