Lesotho 2022: Day 14 Reflections

The Day of Two Punctures (7/1): Where to begin? Our merry crew came out of pride month with a bang… literally. The trusty metal steed that typically transports us suffered a flat (twice). Amidst the chaos, we were struck with another tragedy: the loss of the one and only ‘M’e Madineo. The woman teaching us Sosotho for the past week will be dearly missed. The day’s festivities brought us to the Sebiting Primary School. In truly intense feats of strength, we transported all the desks and other miscellaneous classroom items from the walls. We also removed posters and spackled to our heart’s content—well, until we ran out of spackle. We jammed to 2000s pop as we applied two coats of a luscious mint green to the grades 1-3 classroom and made significant headway in the first coat of a calming sky blue for grades 4-5. Some of us were lucky enough to spin on a wheel and collect water from a broken faucet to clean brushes.

To my hiking buddies: I miss you dearly and can’t wait to contact you again.

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