Lesotho 2022: Day 6 Reflections

Hey everyone, today it was raining so it worked out that we had lectures planned for today. During a break in the rain, we saw more snow on the mountaintops in the distance which was cool. Before lectures, we had a nice laugh with a comedian, Ma Khubu. He was funny in English but seemed even funnier in Sesotho and had the staff cracking up. Our first lecture was given by the photographer Justice Kalebe. He talked about the power of photography and how he’s been able to use it to benefit rural towns in the mountains of Lesotho. Justice also stressed the importance of asking communities what they need and helping them that way instead of deciding to build something that they don’t need. A phrase he said that stuck with everyone was that we should be “leading from behind”. Our second lecture after lunch was given by Dr. Sean, a historian by schooling who also practices traditional medicine. It was really cool to hear about how he listens to his patients and has continued this tradition from his father and grandfather. Finally, our last lecture was given by Dr. Setsabi about development in Lesotho. We learned about the differences of the way that local communities and developers see projects like dams and roads. The rest of the day we spent reading, playing games, and packing because tomorrow we leave Ramabanta. Bananagrams has become a crowd favorite so people yelling “peel” is a common sound.

I spent some time reflecting on this past week of traveling to Lesotho and working in Ramabanta since we move to a new place tomorrow. I think a lot of people felt a sense of accomplishment helping to build a house and to paint and organize the community center, at least I did. It was hard and emotional for a lot of us to say goodbye to some of the kids that we have formed connections with here. I’m not sure what I was expecting coming in but I didn’t think I would feel so emotional and wrestle with how much I complain when I am blessed with so much (don’t laugh at me parents, I know you’ve been telling me this for years). It has caused me to reflect on what changes I want to make when I’m home.

Thanks for listening to my rant! Hi to my parents, let the various family members and Bobby know that I love and miss them.


Happy Birthday Mom!! Love ya lots!

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