February 16, 2018
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Wittenberg Screens "Black Panther"

Wittenberg Students Participate In a Special Screening of "Black Panther"

Wittenberg University students, faculty and staff members got a sneak peek into one of the most significant cultural and cinematic events of 2018 when they participated in a special screening of the highly anticipated action thriller "Black Panther" on Thursday, Feb. 15, at Chakeres Cinema 10 in Springfield, Ohio.

Produced by Marvel Studios and distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, "Black Panther" is a superhero film based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name. Created in 1966 by comic book legends Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, the Black Panther character is gaining notoriety of one of the most celebrated heroes of African descent in the history of major comic book publishing.

"What better experience of 'Black Panther' than with students at Witt. As a professor I was able to share an educational experience and leave as rewarded as students likely did. From the movie's phenomenal costumes to the socially conscious themes (i.e. perspectives of female beauty, lessons on African Colonization), the movie proved both education and entertainment, edutainment I often say. Oh, and as a Ph.D., it was cool that both the King of Watanda and his nemesis both had Ph.D.s."

Julius Bailey
Associate Professor of Philosophy

"For me, the movie was not just a showcase of a black superhero, but a revolution for people like myself. I am a dark-skinned young woman with a name derived from African origin. I was nearly moved to tears by the remarkable representation of people that look like me. Also, I loved how they had 'The revolution will not be televised' in the background as this revolutionary movie is being seen and streamed via multi-media."

Saqqara Goins '21
Cincinnati, Ohio

"I thought the movie was a great experience for the Witt students. The movie provided a great understanding about respect for other cultures through humor and emotion. I loved my time last night! Thank you for the opportunity."

Rachel Porrello '18
Lewis Center, Ohio

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