May 10, 2022
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2022 Senior Salute: Zarek Porter

Psychology Major Shares His Wittenberg Experience

Zarek Porter, Class of 2022

Major: Psychology
Minor: Exercise Science
Hometown and State: Columbus, Ohio
Why Wittenberg: “I chose Witt for the close community and welcoming environment. Being in small class sizes really allowed me to develop close relationships with my professors as well as knowing who my classmates were. Wittenberg is a beautiful campus and there are many opportunities here for everyone. The people I’ve met here will always be in my life, even after I graduate.”

1. Concerned Black Students (CBS) Hoodie: During my four years here on campus, I was a part of CBS and it allowed me to have a sense of comfort knowing that I can meet the people who look like me.  I am honored to be the president of CBS and excited to see the future of CBS.

2. Mental Health Matters Sticker:  I received this sticker from one of my psychology classes and have put it on my laptop.  Even though it is small, this represents my years of being a psychology major and how proud I am to have chosen this major.  I’ve learned so much during my time here, and I am excited to utilize my knowledge on the graduate level and so on.  

3. RA Shirt: I was an RA for two years and the number of connections I made with people is amazing. I genuinely enjoyed my time being a RA even when staying up late for rounds; it was worth it. 

4. Doppelgängers Shirt: I worked in the game room my freshman and senior year.  This was a chill work experience as I was able to meet new people who would come through to play games as well as being able to do my homework at the same time. 

5. Workout Shoes: I genuinely enjoy working out all the time. It is a great pastime, and I was able to maintain my physical health. I enjoyed working out with my best friends here at Witt, and we had a lot of fun memories in the fitness center. 

-Information compiled by Cynthia Holbrook, University Communications



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