May 14, 2021
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2021 SENIOR SALUTE: Isaac Lewis

Dance and Music Major Shares His Wittenberg Experience

Isaac Lewis, Class of 2021

Majors: Dance and Music
Minor: Communication and Justice, Law & Public Policy
Hometown and State: Orlando, Florida
Why Wittenberg: “Going to college, I honestly just wanted some distance from my home so going to Ohio was a good choice. At Wittenberg, I saw many opportunities to do things that interested me including the ability to double major and having a campus that was widely active made Wittenberg the best choice for me. I was recently accepted to law school and am looking forward to my next steps.”

  1. Watches: Being way too involved around campus, my time management skills became very important so much so that I would block out a period of five minutes just for me to sit down before going to my next thing. Just being able to lift my wrist to see what time it is and knowing what I have to do next, saved me a lot of time with fewer distractions, and it kept me much more on track.
  2. Keys: These are my highly coveted keys to a practice room in Krieg and a locker in Chakeres. Being in all sorts of random situations where I needed to grab something out of my dance locker or use my practice room, I always had to have these keys with me. I never really practiced much, but the practice room was a nice quiet space to do homework or take a nap.
  3. Bible: Being here and my reason for living has come to be for the sole purpose of glorifying God. Intentionally spending time with the lord every morning and having my Bible as the resource it is has been is one of the ways that I have somehow gotten through these four years.
  4. Water Bottle: Once again always being on the go, a guy has got to stay hydrated or he will die. Having classes and choir rehearsals on top of dance rehearsals makes it really easy to need water. 
  5. Air Pods: So, for some strange reason during the first week of my freshman year, I started singing outside just because it felt nice. Eventually as school kept going I was listening to music as I was walking around campus and being a singer - there was not really a feasible way for me to not sing. At some point in time, it became something that made other people happy, so I have been using headphones since then to serenade the campus with whatever it is that I sound like. 
  6. CRU Gear: I never physically have used any of this stuff, but CRU (Campus Crusade for Christ) has been a very integral part of my time a Wittenberg. Through CRU I have found a lot of my Christian community, people who support me, check in with me and are always there for me if I need someone. The specific movement at Wittenberg has been very important to me, but I have made so many friends that are scattered around Ohio, to people all the way in Idaho, and to others living overseas. Regardless of our personal proximity (some of which I have never even met in person) all these people treat me like family. I have made so many memories and built so many relationships that I have no doubt, will affect the rest of my life.
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