May 4, 2018
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2018 Senior Salute: Haruno Sakamoto

Business Major Shares Her Wittenberg Experience

Haruno Sakamoto

Haruno Sakamoto, Class of 2018

Major: Business
Hometown: Toyama City, Japan

1. Textbook

  • Haruno, a business major, carries with her a copy of Management Cases by Peter F. Drucker, the influential expert on management theory and practice.

2. Camera

  • A photographer for Wittenberg’s student-run weekly newspaper The Torch, Haruno became interested in photography because her host mother enjoys taking photos and inspired her to do the same. She likes the “peaceful, fun and energetic atmosphere” that photography gives her, and she has enjoyed taking photography classes at Wittenberg.

3. Japanese Fan

  • Haruno has loved working as a Japanese tutor in the Language Learning Center, where she tries to entertain students studying Japanese.

4. Sheet Music

  • She is also a member of and public relations officer for the Imani Gospel Choir, which typically performs once or twice a month. The group’s concerts often evoke strong emotions, with some people sharing personal stories, some crying or smiling, and some even praying. Even though Haruno is not of the Christian faith, she feels welcome at every performance.

5. Planner

  • Haruno uses her planner every day to organize and plan her schedule. Thanks to everything she is involved with at Wittenberg, she has improved her planning and organization skills.

6. To do list

  • One of many students who say that Wittenberg keeps them busy, Haruno says that although the busy schedule can be stressful, she feels she is a stronger and better person for managing each day’s tasks.

7. Laptop

  • Haruno uses her laptop every day for schoolwork, editing photos and videos, writing papers and doing research.

8. Cellphone

  • Describing it as “a very important item,” Haruno uses her phone as a way to connect with friends and professors.

9. iPod

  • Haruno often listens to music when going to classes and also as a way to focus. A fan of pop music and jazz in particular, she listens to a little bit of everything. “Music is an escape from all the stress of daily life,” she says.

10. Business cards

  • As a way to stay in touch and make connections with people, Haruno had business cards made that list her phone number and website.

Compiled by: Mallory Moss '20
Photo by: Kalle Young '20

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