May 5, 2021
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2021 SENIOR SALUTE: Jasmine Evans

Biology Major Shares Her Wittenberg Experience

Jasmine Evans, Class of 2021

Major: Biology (B.S.)
Minors: Marine Science, African and Diaspora Studies
Hometown and State: Wyoming, Ohio
Why Wittenberg: “Wittenberg offered me the perfect environment to pursue my academic goals, as well as be involved in other on-campus organizations while having the opportunity to play the sport I love and make some awesome friends along the way!”

  1. Soccer Ball: One of the deciding factors of choosing Witt to call my home was soccer! I’ve been playing soccer since I was three years old. I was a captain my junior and senior seasons here at Witt. I’ve made some lifelong friends and share incredible memories with the girls on team.
  2. Skyline Chili: I grew up in Cincinnati and absolutely LOVE Skyline Chili! It’s one of the things I look forward to when going home. I always keep a can or two with me on campus to share and enjoy with friends.
  3. Goggles: I am a biology major, so I’ve used these goggles in quite a few labs.
  4. Costa Rica Flag: During spring semester of my sophomore year, I studied abroad in Costa Rica. My time there was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I loved being immersed in a different culture, learning Spanish, and studying marine conservation! I also got to go to a few soccer games, as well as play with my team (Wittenberg women’s soccer) while they were visiting over their spring break.
  5. Frolf Disc: One of the many cool attractions Witt’s campus has to offer is the frisbee golf course. The topography of hills and many trees makes this a perfect sunny-day activity to play with friends.
  6. Pencil Bag: This contains my colorful array of G2 pilot pens which are necessary for taking notes. I like to color code my notes, which makes studying a little less stressful. If I don’t have my pencil bag throughout the school day, I will be lost. 
  7. Spearmint Extra Gum: Gum is another essential. I have gum for every occasion and keep it stored in just about any place you can imagine including my bookbag, the locker room, and my car. Chewing gum helps me stay focused and smelling minty fresh.
  8. Air Pods: I like to listen to music throughout the day. If I’m ever walking around, I most likely have my headphones in, which poses a problem if friends are trying to say ‘hi’ from a I’ve been told.
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