May 8, 2021
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2021 SENIOR SALUTE: Charlotte Hurst

International Studies and Spanish Double Major Shares Her Wittenberg Experience

Charlotte Hurst, Class of 2021

Majors: International Studies, Spanish
Hometown and state: Athens, Ohio
Why Wittenberg: “The moment I stepped onto campus for my tour, I knew this is where I wanted to be. The mix of a liberal arts education with leadership and service opportunities was the exact combination that I wanted to complete my university career. Wittenberg has provided me with immense personal growth, as a scholar, a friend, and a leader. The patient and enduring guidance of the faculty and staff also helped me grow into the person that I am today. The connections that I have made on this campus are ones that I will cherish for the rest of my life.”

  1. Sigma Kappa Letters: These are the Sigma Kappa letters. Sigma Kappa as an organization has given me the most supportive women I have ever met. The bond I share with them will last for the rest of my life. Finding a home within Wittenberg was the best, LITMB.
  2. La Casa De Los Espiritus: This is one of the many influential books that I read throughout my time as a Spanish major. It led me through important historical events with the magical influence of the author, Isabel Allende.
  3. Student Senate Shirt: I have been a student senator all four years on campus and have learned so much about the University through this amazing leadership opportunity.
  4. Tapestry from Lesotho: Since my first year, I have been involved with the Lesotho Nutrition Initiative (LNI) and was able to go on the summer trip. This trip taught me about the importance of educating oneself and the group before traveling abroad and how educated intercultural exchanges can be powerful tools for connecting.
  5. Photos from South Africa: This is a photo of me and one of my best friends as well as a photo of me with an elephant while I was studying abroad in South Africa. My semester in Cape Town was the most beautiful thing I have ever experienced and getting to travel with my best friend made the experience even better. 
  6. Quote from Brene Brown: This was given to me by a mentor who greatly shaped my time at Wittenberg and introduced me to leadership. This mentorship brought me to my vocation, wanting to go into higher education and student affairs where I hope to make the same type of connections.
  7. A globe: The globe represents my international studies major. Through this major I have gained immense knowledge about the world around me, about ethical and effective service, and how impactful your own education and implicit biases are in service work. I was able to forge a great relationship with my advisor who has counseled me through all of my university stages. 
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About Wittenberg

Wittenberg's curriculum has centered on the liberal arts as an education that develops the individual's capacity to think, read, and communicate with precision, understanding, and imagination. We are dedicated to active, engaged learning in the core disciplines of the arts and sciences and in pre-professional education grounded in the liberal arts. Known for the quality of our faculty and their teaching, Wittenberg has more Ohio Professors of the Year than any four-year institution in the state. The university has also been recognized nationally for excellence in community service, sustainability, and intercollegiate athletics. Located among the beautiful rolling hills and hollows of Springfield, Ohio, Wittenberg offers more than 100 majors, minors and special programs, enviable student-faculty research opportunities, a unique student success center, service and study options close to home and abroad, a stellar athletics tradition, and successful career preparation.

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