June 1, 2022
Life After Witt

Alex Dressman ’14

Alumni-opened Doors Lead to Successful Career and Peer Recognition for Business Major

Alumni connections can make a huge difference, especially when it comes to the job market, as Alex Dressman learned firsthand.

Dressman, originally from Cincinnati and a member of the Wittenberg class of 2014, found her first job with Citi Bank, thanks to an alumnus who reached out to the University’s Department of Business with an opening.

“It piqued my interest so I decided to apply and ultimately got the job,” said Dressman, who now works in fund services for Citi Bank, an administrator for institutional mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETF) clients. “I think in a less literal sense, Wittenberg did a great job in instilling confidence in me, which has been vital in my career at Citi, including enabling me to step into situations knowing I can be successful.”

Currently living in Columbus, Ohio, the business major with a finance concentration and a math minor, has gained respect from her Citi Bank peers and co-workers, so much so that they recently nominated her for the Emerging Leaders Award through NICSA, a non-profit trade association.

“It was actually a surprise to me when NICSA reached out to inform me that I had won because I was not aware of the nomination. It was very heartening to know that my colleagues are proud of the work I've done and think it worthy of the nomination. NICSA is a group in asset management that strives to bring the industry together and looks to keep everyone moving forward in best practices, education, networking, and other various initiatives.”

Dressman, currently vice president of implementations, has been with Citi for more than eight years working in various departments including middle office and fund accounting.

“I am basically a project manager who helps Citi onboard new mutual funds and ETFs for our clients,” she added. “This role allows me the opportunity to work with a multitude of people both internally at Citi and externally with our clients, providing a great learning experience and chance to be involved with innovation within our industry.”

Looking back, Dressman said she loved her time at Wittenberg where she was a member of the women's lacrosse team and a captain her senior year. She was also a member of the Sigma Kappa sorority, including being vice president of new member education during her junior and senior year, and she was a member of WittInvest, serving as president her senior year.

“I was originally interested in going to a larger school, and Wittenberg wasn't high on my list,” Dressman recalled. “I visited the campus on an overnight for lacrosse and fell in love with the campus and culture. The people I met were all extremely welcoming, and I felt like I fit in with the lacrosse team. After that visit, I knew Witt was the correct choice.

“Since graduation I have found myself with Wittenberg graduates in both my professional and personal life,” she added.” These experiences are always positive and leave me with a sense of community I don't think I could have found with a different school. Whether it's a planned outing with friends I've had since graduation or finding out a colleague is also a Wittenberg graduate and reminiscing about a shared experience, there is always a Wittenberg bond that brings people together. I think Wittenberg, as an entire package, influenced my character growth and helped me get to where I am. The smaller campus life at Witt allowed me to get involved in so many different groups and activities that I could find what I truly enjoyed. It also helped me develop key social skills which has been instrumental in my continued career progression.”

Cindy Holbrook
Cindy Holbrook
Senior Communications Assistant

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