June 7, 2019
Life At Witt

Megan Selby ’20

Taking it all in while studying abroad in Denmark

Studying abroad was something I had wanted to do since I started applying to colleges. I worried that being a student-athlete with both a fall and spring season would prevent me from checking it off my bucket list. However, I stumbled upon the perfect summer opportunity for me in Copenhagen, Denmark.

I studied through a program called DIS (Danish Institute for Study Abroad) and took a class called Social Corporate Responsibility: Business or Ethics.

Studying abroad was an experience that had a monumental impact on my college career, and I am so grateful for the opportunity to experience another part of the world even for a short period of time. I could tell you all about my three-week experience indulging in another part of the world, but I think I’ll focus on my favorite day.

I was out of class by 11:30 a.m. My housemates were still in class when I got home, and I had the itch to explore. There was a museum I had been wanting to check out. I figured this day would be a good day to do it, so I set out for an entirely unplanned day of exploring.

I was quite literally aimlessly wandering the streets of Little Copenhagen for a whole day alone. I’m not normally the type of person who likes to be alone. I’m definitely someone who likes a companion. But for some reason, I was so sure on that day that it was okay to be just me. It was actually a liberating feeling. Knowing that I could get caught up in anything I wanted to, get lost and not even worry -- knowing I would somehow make my way back home (with the help of a GPS, of course).

I had about a 20-minute walk to the Architecture and Design Museum. I took my time admiring the fascinating mix of modern and old in the museum that represented Copenhagen so well. After spending close to two hours in the museum, I decided to explore the area nearby. I was right in the heart of everything including Fredensborg Palace (where the royal family lives), the surrounding gardens right along the canal, and a view of the Copenhagen Opera House. It was all so intriguing and busy, but also peaceful. I found a spot on a bench in the garden for a while where I sat and observed the friendly Danish people surrounding me.

Time passed, and I figured I might as well get dinner on my own while I was out. The historic Nyhavn, the area that presents the iconic picture of Copenhagen, was just down the street. I asked the local Danish worker at Gorm’s Pizza what his favorite pizza was and took my time making a decision. In fact, I was really in no rush at all that entire day. I was just taking in the sights, smells, and sounds of the city.

I finally decided on the Denny Special, which was recommended by the worker. It was a pizza with mozzarella, potato, goat cheese, and an assortment of spices. This was definitely not your typical American pizza, but I thought I would give it a try. I sat by the canal watching the boats go by with a view of the Opera House and The Royal Library as I ate my pizza.

I slowly finished the whole pizza by myself and took the long way home to my cozy loft above the record store.

I was honestly so exhausted but so satisfied and proud of myself for going out on my own. It’s a feeling I now crave – the feeling of exploring an unknown place and learning new little pieces about myself along the way.

Don’t get me wrong, the rest of the trip was full of amazing days, but I constantly find myself day dreaming of this seemingly perfect, sunshiny day.

Megan Selby ’20
Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio
Majors: Marketing and Communication
Minor: Journalism

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