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July 31, 2020
On Campus

Wittenberg Celebrates Record-Breaking Fundraising Year

Alumni participation, total raised exceed expectations

SPRINGFIELD, Ohio – In a year of celebrating Wittenberg University’s 175th birthday, the collective power, support, and generosity of the University’s alumni and friends has been a story of its own.

The passion and commitment of the Wittenberg community to affect change was tangible this last fiscal year (July 1, 2019-June 30, 2020) as evidenced by record-setting philanthropic success, proving once again that Tigers step up when called upon to do so. Because of Wittenberg alumni, faculty, staff, retirees, students, parents, and friends, Wittenberg raised a total of $7,502,297.15.

“The 2019-20 fiscal year set records for what it means to pass on one’s light through philanthropy. All of us at Wittenberg are deeply grateful for your generosity because we know that your gifts change lives.”
Vice President for Advancement and Alumni Engagement Rebecca Kocher

The University is sharing this milestone year in fundraising in a new online annual report, aptly themed “Because of You.”

“Wittenberg holds a special place in so many hearts, and this year that was made abundantly clear as we raised a record-setting $7,502,297.15 – $1.6 million more than last fiscal year,” Kocher shared in her special letter to alumni and friends on a new website, which highlights several other impressive statistics, as well as offers avenues for continued engagement in advancing Wittenberg’s mission. Other successes include: providing 451 scholarships to deserving students from charitable donations, welcoming 633 new donors, having 2,200 alumni attend events, and raising $457,716 in a single day during the University’s annual day of giving, Commit To Witt.

A huge highlight of the year, in addition to the more than $7.5 million raised, was the jump in the annual alumni participation rate, which went from 13% to 18.5%  – an incredible 5.5 percentage points in just one year.

“Most institutions celebrate when alumni participation increases by a few tenths of a percentage point, so seeing Wittenberg’s percentage jump as it did clearly demonstrates to our University community and those watching around the world that this institution matters and makes a meaningful difference in the lives of students, faculty, staff, and alumni,” Kocher shared in her letter.

Because Of You
The passion and commitment of the Wittenberg community to affect change is tangible, and together we proved this year that Tigers always step up when called upon as evidenced by our record-setting year in fundraising.
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Karen Gerboth
Karen Gerboth
Vice President of Marketing & Communications

About Wittenberg

Wittenberg's curriculum has centered on the liberal arts as an education that develops the individual's capacity to think, read, and communicate with precision, understanding, and imagination. We are dedicated to active, engaged learning in the core disciplines of the arts and sciences and in pre-professional education grounded in the liberal arts. Known for the quality of our faculty and their teaching, Wittenberg has more Ohio Professors of the Year than any four-year institution in the state. The university has also been recognized nationally for excellence in community service, sustainability, and intercollegiate athletics. Located among the beautiful rolling hills and hollows of Springfield, Ohio, Wittenberg offers more than 100 majors, minors and special programs, enviable student-faculty research opportunities, a unique student success center, service and study options close to home and abroad, a stellar athletics tradition, and successful career preparation.

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