September 13, 2023
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From Taylor Swift to Healthcare

New faculty-led Liberal Arts Potential & Power panel discussion series starts Sept. 27

Wittenberg will host a faculty-led, panel-style discussion series titled ‘Liberal Arts Potential & Power’ academic year. The series will feature 10 presentations beginning Sept. 27.

Inspired by the work of colleagues and viewed as a way to engage students in ongoing exploration of how the various disciplines at Wittenberg contribute to broader understanding of topics of social focus and concern, the series will be moderated by Ross Jackson, assistant professor of business and economics and program director of the University’s graduate program in analytics. Each event will take place from 4:30 to 6 p.m. in Founders Pub, located on the lower level of the Benham-Pence Student Center.

Joining Jackson in the Liberal Arts Potential & Power series will be three-to-four faculty members. Each will begin with a brief introduction of the topic and the participants, followed by a five-minute discussion of the topic from each participant’s perspective. After any brief discussion, the floor will open to questions from the audience. Each panel discussion will be approximately 45 minutes to an hour with refreshments and casual conversation following each event.

Topics and dates are as follows:

Fall Semester

  • Sept. 27: Taylor Swift: Social Phenomenon, Feminist, Economic Powerhouse
  • Oct. 4: Understanding College: Why Education Matters
  • Oct. 11: The Social Construction of Rivalries and its Consequences
  • Oct. 25: AI, Chatbots, and the Future of Creative Content
  • Nov. 1: Radical Personalization and the Erosion of Society
  • Nov. 8: Healthcare and Health Cost: Assessing Alternatives and Opportunities

Spring Semester

  • Feb. 7: Doing Our Best: Biological, Psychological, and Sociological Development
  • Feb. 14: Can You Believe This? Religion, Science, and Human Understanding
  • March 13: Let's Get These Parties Started: Politics in America
  • March 27: The Social-Media Self: Identity, Belonging, and the Search for Happiness

“Experiencing the power of a liberal arts education is an important part of understanding its value,” Jackson said. “Improved and more frequent collaboration among the faculty across Wittenberg University through these panel discussions can role model our shared commitment to the ideals of a liberal arts education and its contribution to society.”

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Cindy Holbrook
Cindy Holbrook
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