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Computer Science Major Returns to Wittenberg

Springfield, Ohio - Back by popular demand and offering a new course of study in cybersecurity, the computer science major at Wittenberg University is making its return and will be available in early 2016 after a two-year hiatus.

“I am pleased that Wittenberg is finally able to bring back the computer science major,” said Brian Shelburne, professor of mathematics and computer science. “Given that computers are everywhere, it’s only proper that a liberal arts college like Wittenberg provide students with the option of a computer science major. It’s a great major requiring critical thinking.”

Students will be able to choose from two tracks in the major – general computer science, designed for those moving on to graduate school or industry employment, and cybersecurity, which will involve coursework at the Advance Technical Intelligence Center (ATIC) in Springfield to attain an expertise in network security. In the cybersecurity track, a new offering at Wittenberg, students will be able to graduate with a security clearance.

Each track will be a four-year degree program leading to excellent job prospects. Dedicated students may be able to complete either program in three years. The university will officially begin enrolling new majors in January of 2016. A minor in computer science is also available.

“We feel it is important to have a major in computer science,” said Adam Parker, chair of the department of math and computer science. “The technology is not going away, and we are hearing from students, parents, alumni, and community partners that there is a demand for computer science. While having a general major is excellent preparation for our students, we are particularly excited about collaborating with ATIC.”

Wittenberg and ATIC, a workforce development group out of Dayton, will partner to teach and train students in the cybersecurity track of the major. Students will spend one semester attending classes at the Nextedge Applied Research Technology Park in Springfield from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. daily.

“The job prospects for Wittenberg computer scientists have been and continue to be excellent,” Parker said. “Who knows what the future may bring – but we want students to know that Wittenberg is dedicated to 21st-century technologies. We believe the number of job opportunities will continue to climb and that many companies will require additional programmers and security positions.’’

Questions regarding the program should be directed to the Office of Admission at 877-206-0332.

Other new programs recently added by Wittenberg include both a major and a minor in exercise science, a master’s in data analytics, and a master’s in principal’s licensure.

Data analytics, one of the fastest-growing areas in higher education, allows students to deal with big-data sets and is applicable in business fields, such as healthcare, insurance and the government/military. This program will be ready to accept applicants in August of 2016. The principal’s licensure can be obtained in Wittenberg’s Master of Arts in Education program.

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Cindy Holbrook
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