Esports Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between my child playing esports and just playing in their dorm room?

Many parents worry that if their child joins an esports team, they will spend all of their time in their dorm room playing. This could not be further from the truth! Your child will be a part of a community made up of students from all over campus, all with a passion for video games and competition.

Will Esports take up all of my child’s time? When will they study?

You may be surprised to hear that esports will take up less time than your child normally spends playing in their free time! Students will spend 15-20 hours per week on esports between practices, games, and reviewing game films. We will also have regular study sessions where our players will be expected to be in person with their coach each week to make sure they are completing their homework. Rest assured; your child’s education is our #1 priority!

What are the benefits to playing on an esports team?

While esports may not have all the traditional benefits of playing sports such as regular exercise, your child will still gain several benefits. Your child will be a part of a large social community in which they will meet face to face with other students and coaches. They will increase their teamwork and communication skills by working with fellow students and coaches to improve each day. This will help them develop their interpersonal skills and learn how to overcome challenges as a team.  

Will my child receive any sort of compensation or scholarship for competing?

Of course! All our varsity athletes will receive $2000/year towards the cost of their tuition, so long as they continue to succeed in their classes and meet all eligibility requirements for competition. They will also receive some personalized esports apparel so they can proudly represent Wittenberg Esports!

How will this help build my child’s future? Will esports have long term benefits?

In addition to the life skills that your child will learn during their time with Wittenberg Esports, their experience may help open the door to pursuing long-term careers in the esports industry. Like other sports, professional esports have need of managers, social media coordinators, public relations and human resource personnel, IT support staff, coaches, and more! Collegiate esports can help your child launch a career in an industry they may have never thought possible.

Will I be able to watch my child play?

Absolutely! We will be establishing a shout casting program that will allow students to stream games to Twitch so that you can enjoy watching your child play from the comfort of your own home. Feel like being a little closer to the action? Join us at Founder's Pub in Wittenberg's Benham-Pence Student Center to watch your child compete and be able to celebrate their victory with them after the big game.

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