Project Development

Albright Tennis Complex

Renovations completed Fall 2021

This included a complete resurfacing, new epoxy coating, application of Witt graphics, and re-installation of the net systems.

Kuss Science Center

Remove Science Center flooring (completed 2021)/add Gross Anatomy Lab (completed summer 2022)

The Gross Anatomy Lab project consisted of a 3-room remodel. The classroom, cadaver lab, and foyer. Ceilings were replaced, lighting upgraded, cabinets, countertops, custom paint, and custom flooring. Computer systems and camera were upgraded for a superior student experience.

Faculty Court Apartments

Renovations completed Fall 2021

New roofs, gutters, and downspouts were installed on all the units. A modern paint scheme was adapted as well.

Krieg Hall

Renovations completed Fall 2021

The keyboard room received lighting upgrades, custom paint, new blinds, and fresh carpet. This is designed to provide a bright, comfortable space for our Music majors.

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