The Language Learning Center is a place to explore language and culture by accessing software and literature from around the world with the help of trained tutors.

Please check out our current schedule here to work with a language tutor. Next to each tutor's name you will find their Zoom personal meeting number. Just click on "join a meeting" to get in contact with them during their shift time and they'd be happy to help you.

The Language Learning Center (LLC) is available to all Wittenberg students, faculty and staff as a place to explore language and culture in a comfortable, relaxed setting. The center thrives from the input of a trained staff of tutors, CRLA certified at the advanced level, who offer their services to students and faculty alike. Our tutors are either upper-level language students (many returning from overseas) or else native speakers here on exchange programs or as degree students. The LLC welcomes students and faculty from other disciplines seeking cultural or linguistic resources.

Interim Director: Feng Liang, Ph.D.

Questions about the Foreign Language Placement exam? Click Here to learn more.

On-Site Resources:

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