Cultural Events & Activities

Mid-Autumn Moon Festival

Together with East Asian Studies Club, LLC holds a Mid-Autumn Moon Festival celebration. It is a Chinese holiday where people gather as a family, eat mooncakes (a Chinese pastry), eat delicious dishes, and solve riddles on lanterns. We decorate the Language Learning Center with lanterns and riddles for people to come and solve them.

Ghost Stories Performance

East Asian Studies put together a phenomenal performance of 12 ghost stories enacted by students (and professors) in Chinese and Japanese classes from the works Tales of One Hundred Ghosts (by various authors including Tsuruya Nanboku IV, Asada Iccho, and Tamenaga Toarobei I) and Strange Tales from a Lonely Studio (by Liaozhai zhiyi). The students worked hard to bring to life these spooky tales of no-faced demons, vengeful devils, ghosts back from the dead, monkey kings, and ghoulish cat - (Bakenoko) and snake-monsters. After each story's performance, one representative from the story blew out 1 of the 12 lit candles (evoking a popular game / test of courage in Japan from the Edo period called Hyakumonogatari Kaidankai), which lead to a spooky finale once all the lights went out.

Mexican Day of the Dead

Details Coming Soon!

German WinterFest (December)

Details Coming Soon!

Board Game and Movie Nights

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