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Publications are listed by language and include the magazines we have on site. Click links for online versions or to learn more about the publications.


Beijing Review CoverBeijing Review (In English)

Published Weekly: Beijing Review is a weekly magazine that focuses on the latest news about China. The well-written articles explore current issues and provide a distinct perspective into the events, local and international, that are shaping China.

China Today CoverChina Today

Published Monthly: China Today reports on issues such as Chinese Society and Life, Culture, Economy, Tourism and Environment. Much is being done to find alternative power to electricity and interesting articles keep us abreast on the latest innovative developments in the area of a Recyclable Economy.


Geo CoverGeo (In German):

Published Monthly: GEO is a family of educational monthly magazines with articles that often focus on environmental and cultural issues. The first edition appeared in Germany in 1976. Since then, the magazine has been published in many countries and is similar to National Geographic.

Stern CoverStern (In German):

Published Weekly: Stern is considered to be libertarian-critical, partially left-libertarian. However, it also publishes views and authors with economically-libertarian, conservative and left-wing positions. Focusing on current events, it offers a fresh, candid, often controversial approach to major issues.

Atlantic Times CoverAtlantic Times Monthly (In English):

Published Monthly: The Atlantic Times features articles by prominent leaders and top German and American journalists, and addresses issues important to both countries.


Russian Life CoverRussian Life (In English):

Published Bi-Monthly:

Russian Life is a magazine of Russian history, culture, business and travel. Each colorful, 64-page issue contains fine features, news and photo journalism on all aspects of life in Russia, past and present. Regular departments include: Practical Traveler, Travel Journal, Russian Calendar (important events in Russian history that month), Russian Cuisine and Survival Russian, a guide to the Russian you really need to know.


France CoverFrance (In English):

Published Bi-monthly: For more than 20 years, a select American audience has been turning to France Magazine for authoritative coverage of French culture, travel and art de vivre. In lavishly illustrated features, renowned journalists explore topics ranging from contemporary design to summer music festivals to the most exciting shows on the museum circuit. Our lively departments, meanwhile, keep readers up to date on cultural events in France and the U.S., insider travel tips, food and wine, great new French products and much more. Especially popular are our special travel issues, which invariably earn a permanent place on bookshelves as invaluable resources for future trips.


Kateigaho CoverKateigaho International (In English):

4 Editions Per Year: Kateigaho International Edition brings you the unique culture, art, and lifestyle of Japan. With 50 years of experience in portraying the spirit of Japan, KATEIGAHO is now launching Kateigaho International Edition in English. This richly illustrated magazine focuses both on traditions and contemporary life, transcending mere words to generate international understanding and appreciation.

Japan Times Weekly CoverJapan Times Weekly (In English):

Published Weekly: A weekly newspaper from Japan, about Japan, for English speakers.


Americas (english Version) MagazineAmericas (In Spanish):

Published Bi-monthly: The rich mosaic of people and cultures of South America, North America and the Caribbean comes alive in the pages of AMERICAS, the full-color, vividly illustrated magazine published by the Organization of American States (OAS).

Cambio CoverCambio 16 (In Spanish):

Published Weekly: News magazine from Madrid

El Pais CoverEl Pais (Sunday Edition - In Spanish):

Published Weekly: Weekly Sunday Supplement. This magazine focuses on pop culture and human interest stories.

Think Spanish CoverThink Spanish (In Spanish - with English notes and glossaries & Includes Audio CD):

Published Monthly: Designed to increase Spanish fluency at home, Think Spanish! Audio Magazine brings a language and cultural learning experience directly into your home each month. Its engaging non-intimidating approach to language learning is designed to improve your Spanish while teaching you about life and culture in Spanish speaking countries.

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