We built a house

Lumela! Today, half our group returned to the work site to continue working on the house, while the other half went back to paint the classrooms at the school.  At the school we finsihed the painting in the lower grades class rooms; this includes animals, symbols, english and sesotho numbers and words, and day of the week. The majority of todays work was painting the Lesotho map with the different districts, a world map painting to show the different continents, body system diagrams (including the circulatory, digestive, escretory, and respritory), and animal diagrams. We had a lot of help on the animals from the principals son, John. He is an artist here and really good at drawing. He has been helping us for the past two days with drawing animals. The preschool building was also finished up today, which includes a mountain scene with clouds that have a number count up to 50 for the kids to look at. Since most things were being finished up, a group started cleaning up spilled and dripped paint. While we were waiting for the bus after clean up we played with the kids that had been hanging around during the day. Some played soccer, hand ball, or even just with little toys the kids had brought with them to the sight. When the high school down the road had been let out, some of the older kids came down to the primary school and asked us to play some music. We all gathered in an upper level class room and played music they wanted to hear. One of the students, Lucky, wants to be a rapper and produce lesotho music, which hasnt been done, and was freestyling for us. After a bit the bus showed up and we headed back to the guest house. It was a very sucessful day, as the school and house will be finished up tomorrow and we will be starting new projects next week. 

Sala Hantle!


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Tell Carter we have a new puppy.

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