April 26, 2016
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Violence Prevention

Wittenberg University Receives Green Dot Violence Prevention Strategy Grants

Wittenberg University is among several Ohio institutions that has received funding from the Ohio Department of Higher Education’s grant program to support the Green Dot Violence Prevention Strategy.

According to Jessica Hoelting, director of student conduct and deputy Title IX coordinator at Wittenberg, the Green Dot strategy goal is to permanently reduce power-based personal violence through two objectives that establish cultural norms:

  • Violence will not be tolerated in this community; and
  • Everyone is expected to do their part.

“In order to change cultural norms, the Green Dot Violence Prevention Strategy seeks to engage the campus community in new behaviors through awareness, programming and education,” she said. “To engage the community in new behaviors, it focuses on inviting people to reconsider their role in prevention, inspire people to believe things can be different and let them know that their contribution matters. It also engages people in education and equips them with motivation, knowledge, and skills they need to take action. Lastly, it strengthens new behaviors through reinforcement, practice and multiple exposures to key messages to sustain this change into a permanent infrastructure.”

Grants were open to any institution that wished to apply either individually or through a consortium. Wittenberg was successful in receiving both an individual grant of $7,500 for the Green Dot Violence Prevention Strategy, as well as a consortium grant of $50,000 with Wright State University, Shawnee State University, Urbana University, Central State University, Antioch College and Clark State Community College.

The consortium grant focuses on three aspects - bystander intervention, consent and support. All institutions participating will have access to funds to bring bystander intervention programs and a poster campaign called “Consent is Sexy” to their campuses. The coalition of these institutions will support each other’s efforts in addressing sexual violence on their campuses and in finding ways to meet each institution’s needs.

“Both grants will provide Wittenberg the opportunity to expand its intervention and support services/resources to students, as well as expand our educational initiatives to stop violence, all of which are required through Title IX and the Changing Campus Culture program,” Hoelting added. “Project Woman has been and will be a key partner moving forward by providing more outreach efforts and continued support for our students. I am hopeful that through the implementation of Green Dot, our collaboration can become more widespread, reaching students in the classroom with the support of the faculty.”

Wittenberg University hosted several events in April in recognition of Sexual Assault Awareness Month, including self-defense classes, Green Dot Bystander Intervention Training, webinars and a “Wear Teal” day to show support to the victims of sexual assault.

Cindy Holbrook
Cindy Holbrook
Senior Communications Assistant

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