Our Present

Having light, the campaign inspired the next generation to shine their light.

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Across generations, alumni and friends worked to preserve Wittenberg’s tradition of exceptional teaching and learning, and support future sustainability during the campaign. Together, and for our Present, the campaign achieved:

  • Faculty Support: $4.2M
  • New Endowed Program Funds: 4
  • Alumni Participation: 34.4%
  • Newly Documented Planned Gifts: 107

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Passing Light Through Endowed Chairs

Dick VelerHaving light, the campaign encouraged more endowed professorships so as to advance student learning. Among the newly named endowed chairs made possible by the leadership and contributions of alumni and friends was the Richard P. Veler Endowed Chair in English.

Reflecting Veler's legacy of passionate teaching and compassion for students, Professor of English Cynthia Richards became the first-ever holder of the Veler Chair last year. In her career, she has earned multiple awards, including the top faculty prize, the Alumni Association Distinguished Teaching Award. Yet it’s her commitment to students that would have made Veler proud.

"Students attest to her lively presence in class, and more importantly to helping them see the stakes of what they're studying," shared one of Richards' colleagues.

Such engaged teaching transforms students into lifelong scholars and critical thinkers, who contribute to creating a better society.

Cynthia Richards

Making Planned Gifts to Sustain the Future

Having light, three alumni share why Wittenberg was their first choice for such a lasting investment.

Rev. Dr. Kenneth ’68 and Dr. Jacquelyn Whitaker Beals ’67

Kenneth and Jacquelyn Whitaker BealsRev. Dr. Kenneth and Dr. Jacquelyn Whitaker Beals knew establishing a charitable gift annuity was the way they wanted to support future Witt students and also retain a lifetime stream of income.

"Wittenberg was good at providing opportunities for students who needed them," Ken said. "Jackie and I cherished the friendships we formed at Wittenberg – with both professors and students – and left well equipped for what was ahead."

Motivated by the opportunities provided to them during their undergraduate experiences, Ken and Jackie decided that giving back to Wittenberg and supporting future students was something important to them. Inspired by the example provided by Jackie’s father at his alma mater, the Beals established a charitable gift annuity with Wittenberg.

"We want to help Wittenberg and small liberal arts colleges," Ken said. "A charitable gift annuity helps the University and helps us at the same time. It is a win-win and an excellent way to give."

Don ’61 ’64S and Marty Hillerich ’95H

Don and Marty HillerichFor Don and Marty Hillerich, giving to Wittenberg doesn’t mean only making an annual gift. The couple are committed to preserving the Wittenberg experience for students, now and long into the future, by remembering the University in their estate plans.

"Wittenberg has been in our estate plans from day one, and it will consistently be so," Don said. The Bart Andrew Hillerich Memorial Fund honors the memory of their oldest son and is just one way Don and Marty will continue to strengthen opportunities for students, faculty, and the campus at-large.

"Giving to Witt gives us a chance to help many people," Marty adds. "It really is passing the light and helping influence the future. We want to continue to be a light that shines for Wittenberg."

Richard “Dick” Vieritz ’70

Don and Marty HillerichDick Vieritz is the definition of a loyal donor, having given to Wittenberg every year since graduation.

For Dick, that loyalty stems from a desire to pay back the life-changing benefits his Wittenberg education provided. As a former business student and successful career banker, he found that the time he spent on campus provided the foundation for a variety of interests and skills that would serve him well his entire life.

Dick decided to honor his family and strengthen Wittenberg’s future by providing for need-based scholarships through his will while maintaining his loyal annual giving support.

"Making my future plans known now allows me and Wittenberg to make sure my intentions are clear and can be honored," he said. “Establishing this scholarship ensures the family name will not be forgotten. I hope that being a loyal graduate helps perpetuate the legacy and serves as an example for others."

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