A Senior Salute

Accounting Major Megan Zeidler

As the class of 2017 prepares to cross the stage for Wittenberg's 167th Commencement Exercises, a few seniors take a moment to reflect on their time at Wittenberg. Today's featured senior is accounting major Megan Zeidler from Bay Village, Ohio.

Q. What are your career aspirations, and how did Wittenberg prepare you?

A. When I graduate from Wittenberg, I will be working as an auditor for Ernst & Young (EY) in Cleveland, Ohio. This was a huge goal of mine that I set my sophomore year when I declared my accounting major, and I truly believe that Wittenberg helped me achieve it.  Early in my career, I want to work my way up through EY, gain a lot of experience and learn as much as I can. I also aspire to become a CPA, which I will be working toward this summer by taking the CPA exam. Later in life, I aspire to use my accounting and business skills to either advance at EY, go into industry, or maybe even start my own business.

I feel that Wittenberg has prepared me for my job at EY and careers down the line by giving me confidence, pushing me academically, and providing me with leadership opportunities. Wittenberg has also provided me with real-world experience by allowing me to intern with Wittenberg Accounting Services, which has been one of my favorite experiences by far. The professors have also prepared me for my career by giving continuous support, job advice and challenging coursework.

Q. Who influenced you the most during your time here at Wittenberg and how?

A. Professor John Fenimore influenced me the most during my time at Wittenberg. He pushed me to become the student I am and was a constant source of motivation. Even though at first I was pretty scared of his classes, he made me into a better student and gave me a lot of confidence. He has helped me reach my full potential as a student and has prepared me for my career at EY.

Q. Describe what Wittenberg means to you.

A. When I think about what Wittenberg means to me, I can’t help but think about all the wonderful people I have met over the years. From classmates, friends, professors and co-workers, these people have helped me achieve my goals and have helped me grow as a person, student, leader and friend. To me, Wittenberg is the closest thing I can think of to a second home, and it is truly because of the people I am surrounded by.

Q. What advice would you give to the current and future students of Wittenberg?

A. When I came to Wittenberg as a freshman, I was very shy and reserved but had very hefty goals set for my four years here. In order to achieve these goals, I had to push myself in ways that made me very uncomfortable and nervous. However, doing those things paid off in more ways than I can begin to explain. Therefore, my advice for current and future Witt students would be to push yourself in all ways possible. Whether it’s creating a club, making new friends or studying for a hard exam, I think that it is important to go out of your comfort zone because that is when you grow most as a person. Make the most of every opportunity handed to you and don’t be afraid to go after your goals.

Q. Describe your favorite memory you made at Wittenberg.

A. I really can’t think of one favorite memory because there are so many good ones! Some of my favorites include WittFest sophomore year when Timeflies Tuesday performed, attending sorority/fraternity formals with my boyfriend, stargazing in Commencement Hollow and enjoying Young’s ice cream. It has also been fun exploring Yellow Springs and all the unique restaurants in the area. Whether it’s inside or outside of Springfield, there have been a lot of fun places to make memories while I’ve been here at Wittenberg. 

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