MLK Week Virtual Presentations

Wittenberg University offered a series of virtual presentations on January 19 and 21, 2021, in celebration of Martin Luther King Jr. Week. The presentations were sponsored by The Concerned Black Students and The Faculty Diversity Advisory Committee.

  • Click here to read about the 2021 MLK Virtual Convocation
  • Click here to read about the MLK Virtual Presentations by Wittenberg faculty members

Art and Anti-Racist Activism

Presented by Elena Dahl, Assistant Professor of Art

Brown v. Board of Education: Brown is almost 70!

Presented by Dr. Brian Yontz, Professor of Education

Yellow Fever, Black Service and White Prejudice, Philadelphia 1793

Presented by Dr. Jennifer Oldstone-Moore, Professor of Religion

England, the Americas, and the Brutality of the Transatlantic Slave Trade

Presented by Dr. Rick Incorvati, Professor of English

Understanding the Psychology of American Racism

Presented by Dr. William Davis, Associate Professor of Psychology

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