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Writing Center Advisors

The Writing Center advisors - representing a range of disciplines - are ready to work with you on any writing project, at any stage of the writing process. They can brainstorm ideas, read through completed drafts, or talk about style and sentence structure. Quite simply, they love working with other writers.

The 2019-2020 Advisors

ClayClay '20

Hi! My name is Clay Waidelich (’20) and I have a major in English with a minor in education. If you find me on campus I am most likely spending time with the groups and activities I am involved in The Torch, S.A.G.E., and Track & Field. Cleveland sports are also a passion of mine and I fully support the Cavaliers, Indians, and the Browns (it has been a rough lifetime of football seasons). I look forward to working with all students in the writing center and learning about each of the papers brought in front of me. Please feel free to make an appointment and happy writing!

ErykahEmily '21

Hey! My name is Emily Nolan and I am an English major (’21) with a possible minor in Journalism. Here on campus I am a Student Leader Fellow, I am on the Matthies Honors Advisory Committee, I am on the club volleyball team, and I play the flute in the Symphonic Band. Though I am an English major, I am ready to help students of every major with any step of the writing process! When I am not in the Writing Center, you can find me exploring a National Park, drinking coffee at a local coffee shop, or listening to a Greatest Hits album of Fleetwood Mac. I’ll see you in the Center!

JamieJamie '22

Hi! My name is Jamie, and I’m a sophomore majoring in English and minoring in music. In my free time, I like to knit and crochet, write letters by candlelight, and basically pretend I’m a Jane Austen heroine—the sassy kind, not the damsel in distress kind. Above all else, I’m a voracious reader of anything I can get my hands on, so I hope to see you (and your writing) in the center soon!

MariaMaria '22

Hi everyone! My name is Maria Miller and I am Finance Major with a Business Management minor, from New Albany, Ohio! Outside of classes and working in the Writing Center, I am a member on the Wittenberg Women’s Soccer team, a Student Leader Fellow, a member of Gamma Phi Beta, a Business Office Assistant, and in the accounting club. In my free time, I love hanging out with friends and family and binge watching Netflix! I am very excited to get this year started and am looking forward to working with you in the Writing Center!

RinnRinn '21

Hello! I’m Rinn Ramcke, a current junior here at Witt majoring in psychology and minoring in marine science. I’m from Detroit, Michigan and spent the majority of my life in Ann Arbor before deciding to not follow the typical UofM track and come here instead! Outside of the Writing Center, I am involved largely in the psych department, in Greek life, and in multiple clubs around campus. I’m here to help with any part of your writing process and will give you a multitude of compliments.

CourtneyCourtney '22

Hi folks, my name is Courtney Buck. I am a sophomore double majoring in English and Communications and minoring in Spanish, and I’m from Delaware, Ohio. On campus, I’m a member of the Wittenberg Student Dance Company and Sigma Kappa. I love reading, especially science fiction, and I can’t wait to read your writing! I can help you at any stage of the writing process and I hope to see you in the Center soon.

ErikaErika '22

Hey! My name is Erika and I'm a Sophomore English major. I love to read and look forward to seeing all the different writing that comes through the Center. Other than that, I have two big dogs, my favorite ice-cream is Superman, and I spent the summer as a day camp councilor herding kids. Look for me around campus lounging in a hammock or stressed and rushing from one class to the next. Hope to see you in the Center soon!

JackJack '21

Hello, I’m Jack Fobean. I’m a junior at Wittenberg double-majoring in English and International Studies with a minor in Creative Writing. I am rather involved on campus, being a member of Delta Tau Delta fraternity, the Lesotho Nutrition Initiative, the founder of Balcony Creative Writing Forum, and the Czar of Pocket Lint Improv Troupe. I also take great pride in my identity as a writer of fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, and drama. I release regular essays on my blog and serial fantasy fiction on my project’s website. My specialty in the Writing Center revolves around creative writing and how to workshop and improve creative works. If you’re looking to work through any creative piece, whether assigned or self-driven, I’d be happy to help!

EllieEllie '21

Hello all! My name is Ellie and I am currently a junior studying Psychology with a minor in English. Outside of the Writing Center, I work as a Supplementary Instructor in the Psychology department as well as at the Tiger Counseling Center. When I’m not working, I can be found participating in Greek Life and sipping coffee around campus! I’m excited to work on any part of the writing process with my fellow Tigers!

AnnaAnna '21

Hey guys! My name is Anna Crichton and I am a junior with majors in History & English and a minor in Archaeology. At Wittenberg, I’m involved with History and Archaeology club, Kappa Delta sorority, the History Journal, and the Matthies Honors Advisory Board. When I’m not participating in one of those things, you can find me riding my horse, hiking, reading and writing, or reminiscing about travelling (if you want to procrastinate, just ask me about my excavation in Ireland. I can promise I won’t shut up about it). I’m so excited to work with all of the writers at Wittenberg and can’t wait to see what stage of the writing process you’re at!

CaitlynCaitlyn '22

Hello, friends and fellow writers! My name is Caitlyn Ashley, and I am a sophomore here at Wittenberg. I am majoring in Early Education, and minoring in Psychology. I am from Delaware, Ohio and if you ever find yourself in the 740, make sure you go to Hamburger Inn (Hambo), and get a cinnamon roll as well as a buckeye milkshake. When I am not working or studying, I love to spend my time in Doppelgängers with my pals, (re)watching FRIENDS, or napping. I love coffee (70% creamer, 30% coffee), and listening to vinyl on my record player – Ned. I can’t wait to read your papers and work collaboratively!

Jessica '21

Hi there, my name’s Jessica Pinkerton! I’m a junior English and philosophy double major with minors in creative writing and art. In addition, on campus I’m involved in Fact in Fiction and Pocket Lint. I love drawing comics, playing video games, writing stories and essays, and reading classics. I also have ADHD, so learning strategies to manage and work with it is a favorite pastime of mine. It’s part of the reason I became an advisor—I need the help, and I’d love to help others as well! That said, if you ever need any help, I’d love to do whatever I can to do so! I hope to see you around!

KateKate '20

Hey there! My name is Kate Hollern and I am a senior (yikes) Accounting and Finance double major with a Sports Management minor. If I am not at work, you can find me playing for Witt FC or at LNI. This is going to be my third year working in the Center and I am excited to see what you all are going to work on this year!

MarleeMarlee '20

Heyo! My name is Marlee McGorray, and I’m a senior majoring in Early Childhood Education with a 4/5 endorsement and Music minor. As any Witt student, I’m involved (arguably over involved): I’m part of the Education Advisory board, campus ministries, Greek life, dance concerts, and Symphonic Band. I love embroidering, drinking slushees, and hammocking. I look forward to working on any part of writing and the writing process!

RyanRyan '20

Hello! My name is Ryan and I am a current senior studying Mathematics and Business here at Witt. A few things I am involved in on campus include being a SAAC Rep & serving as President for Phi Kappa Psi, and I am a captain on the baseball team as well. I’m open to working on any and all types of papers (and look forward to doing so!), so don’t hesit8 to stop by and talk some writing.

Bailey '21Bailey

Hey all! My name is Bailey McPhail and I am a junior English major with minors in music, creative writing, and secondary education. People seem to enjoy walking up to me and saying “Hey Bailes!” before giggling and walking away. When I’m not in the Writing Center or being subject to farm-related puns, I play bassoon in the symphonic band on campus and am a member of Sigma Kappa. I love reading and talking about writing of any kind, and I’d be really excited to work on whatever you bring into the Center! I promise I won’t (Mc)fail you!

Erykah '20Erykah

Hi, Wittenberg Tigers ! My name is Erykah Andrews and I am a senior majoring in English and minoring in Education. I play the viola in the Wittenberg Symphony Orchestra here on campus and I am also on the Education Department’s Student Advisory Board. I love to read, write, spend time with family and friends, and watch great Netflix series! I joined the Writing Center team because I enjoy helping people learn new writing skills while improving upon my teaching skills that I will take with me when I become a teacher in the future.

James '20James

Hey, my name is James! I’m a senior studying English, communications, and creative writing, from Westerville, Ohio. I’m excited to work with any writing, at any stage of the process. At Wittenberg,I'm a Programming Chair on Union Board, I co-host a radio show on WUSO, and I’m a member of the fraternity, Beta Theta Pi. To name a few things, I love coffee, exploring, and have an endearing love for indie music and hole-in-the-wall Chinese restaurants.

Katie '21Katie

Hi, my name is Katie, and I'm a junior studying marketing and communications from Waynesville, Ohio. When I'm not in class, you can find me either playing a game of volleyball or binge watching a Netflix series. I really enjoy writing and working with other people, so I became an advisor! I can assist you in any stage of your writing process; I love seeing the missing pieces come together!

Katy '21Katy

Yozels! My name is Katy and I am currently a junior  studying English and minoring in Art and Education. At Wittenberg I participate in Art League, The Wittenberg Review of Literature and Art, The Role-Playing Guild, and can also be found working at the library. In my free time I like to read, draw Rockstar dinosaurs, and crochet giant strawberries! I look forward to meeting the writers of Wittenberg and am happy to work with any writing at any stage of the process!

Ravjot '20Ravjot

Hi, my name is Ravjot and I am a senior studying Exercise Science! I am a native of the great Springfield, Ohio and when I’m not at the writing center, you can find me sleeping in the library (when I should be studying) or watching a random Ted Talk. I enjoy working with all types of writing, and I can’t wait to help you at any stage of your writing!

Samantha '20Samantha

Hello! I'm Samantha, a senior English major with a double minor in Education and French. I love to read and write, and I can't wait to read your writing whether you have a research paper, a persuasive essay, a short story... anything you'd like another pair of eyes on. Aside from reading and writing, I also love knitting, eating cookie dough (I mean... making cookies), and spending time with my friends. I look forward to seeing you in the Writing Center soon!

Sophie '20Sophie

Hi, I'm Sophie! I'm a senior studying English, Biology, and Neuroscience, but during my "me" time I write and shoot clay-mation films about a little purple hippopotamus/rhino (whatever you prefer) called Bimbo. I also have an unhealthy obsession with superhero movies and avocados. I have the highest appreciation for creative and academic writing. So if you have any academic pandemics, I can definitely help you ease the urge to throw your work out a window. Hope to see you in the Writing Center soon!

Trevor '20Trevor

Hey Tigers! My name is Trevor and I am a senior Biology & History double major with a minor in Marine Science. I am a native of Springfield, Ohio and I am super excited to work with my fellow Wittenberg writers. I love talking about all types writing projects and I cannot wait to work with you on whatever papers might come your way. When I’m not in the Center, I love to read, play random board games, and collect all things Cacti! I look forward to seeing you in the Writing Center!!

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