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Benjamin Prince Society

Benjamin Prince LogoThe Benjamin Prince Society was created in May 1977 to honor individuals who have shown uncommon commitment to Wittenberg's academic excellence through their annual support. Their willingness to invest in Wittenberg has set the leadership standard for all alumni and friends of the University. Their gifts to the University are a true demonstration of Wittenberg passion and Wittenberg pride.

Leave a Legacy; Make an Impact

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Who was Benjamin Prince?

Benjamin PrinceCelebrate the Spirit of Wittenberg's "Grand Old Man"

Benjamin Prince was the personification of boundless commitment to Wittenberg. His service to the University spanned 69 years - nearly half of Wittenberg's entire history. He studied and lived in Myers Hall during the Civil War. He was a beloved teacher and scholar, but he also served in a staggering variety of functions including collector of tuition. He was also founder of The Wittenberg Fund. He contributed in significant measure to the development of the Wittenberg we know today and thus is an ideal namesake for the university's most committed donors. Still on the job upon his death at age 93, he was truly Wittenberg's "Grand Old Man."

Membership Requirements

The Benjamin Prince Society recognizes donors who contribute at least $1,000 annually to the Wittenberg Fund. Membership is open to all alumni, parents and friends of Wittenberg University.

The most common gift is cash, but gifts of securities, personal property, real estate and participation in deferred gift plans also qualify. Multiple gifts during one fiscal year (July 1- June 30) can also qualify. For instance, gifts for capital projects, endowment and The Wittenberg Fund are counted toward membership if made in the same year.

Continuing membership requires additional annual gifts of at least $1,000.

Promote Wittenberg and its mission wherever you go

Membership in the Benjamin Prince Society is an outward demonstration of the passion and pride you have for Wittenberg University. Share your passion for Wittenberg and help foster it in others by recounting your favorite Wittenberg memories wherever you may go. Live your Wittenberg pride: keep in touch with the Alumni Office, attend reunion events, regional club events and Homecoming Weekend and invite friends and family along to Wittenberg gatherings. The tradition and growth of Wittenberg are dependent upon your commitment to live the passion and pride that all Benjamin Prince Society members share.

Give a minimum of $1,000 annually to The Wittenberg Fund

The Wittenberg Fund is one of the most secure investments you can ever make. Gifts to The Wittenberg Fund ensure that the next generation of Wittenberg students receive the highest quality education possible and have access to leading technology in the classroom. They ensure that the mission of Wittenberg is maintained according to the highest of standards. Gifts from the leadership donors of The Benjamin Prince Society make up the largest portion of The Wittenberg Fund and provide the continuing support that the University can count on through the ups and downs of economic cycles.

In the Benjamin Prince Society's 25-year history, its membership has grown more than 12 times. Yet Wittenberg's needs have tripled and continue to grow, and the stresses on the operating budget are greater than ever. The Benjamin Prince Society plays a critical role in reducing this financial stress.

The leadership level gifts from members of The Benjamin Prince Society help provide the necessary resources to recruit and retain high-quality faculty and students. Your gifts also provide books and journals for the library, computers and other instructional technology for the classrooms, scholarships for students with financial need and outstanding academic potential, and instructional equipment and supplies for science laboratories. BPS gifts help with campus maintenance and improvements, provide important services for students, and contribute to a wide array of co-curricular experiences that help develop the leadership skills of our students. Benjamin Prince Society members also identify areas of personal interest and connection to Wittenberg and seek to make financial contributions there.

Your gifts make a critical difference in the university's quest to preserve the qualities that define the Wittenberg experience.

Encourage others to support Wittenberg

Support to Wittenberg University can take many forms. Attending Wittenberg events, referring prospective students to Wittenberg and maintaining contact with the Alumni Relations Office are only a few. However, it is the leadership support of the members of the Benjamin Prince Society that truly set the standard for all alumni and friends of Wittenberg. Bring interested friends and family members to Benjamin Prince Society events. Encourage them to identify their personal connections to Wittenberg and then seek to make a difference in those areas. The needs are always many, yet any form of support always contributes to a stronger and more dynamic Wittenberg.

Remember Wittenberg students, faculty and staff in your thoughts and prayers

Wittenberg has embraced its Lutheran heritage for over 150 years, and it is the constant prayer and concern of alumni and friends of the University that helps grow Wittenberg's mission. Wittenberg students and faculty strive for the highest academic achievements both on campus and abroad. Keeping them, as well as the University staff, in your thoughts and prayers encourages all those working on behalf of Wittenberg to strive for the highest excellence possible. Visit Wittenberg's Campus Ministry Home to learn more about supporting Wittenberg in this way.

Benefits of Membership

Membership in the Benjamin Prince Society is its own reward. Members of the Benjamin Prince Society benefit from:

The knowledge that they are impacting the university by meeting its specific needs daily. Their gifts give the university the means to provide adequate financial aid to every deserving student, to attract and retain top-notch faculty, to provide the latest technology for every classroom, to maintain the beauty of campus and to provide a wide range of services that make the Wittenberg experience one of true excellence.

Access to a concierge service while visiting campus. Members receive help getting tickets to campus events and coordinating lodging while in the Springfield area.

The opportunity to join other BPS members and friends of Wittenberg at the annual BPS reception during Homecoming.

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