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Senior Circle

Goals for the Class of 2017

In order for Senior Circle to be a success, the class needs your support to help us reach our goal as well as to set the standard for future classes.

The challenge set forth for the Class of 2017 is to have at least 50 percent of all graduating seniors give their first gift back to Wittenberg. If our class achieves this goal, we would have the highest participation of any senior class since Senior Circle's inception

Senior Circle 2017 members

Ben Allan
Emily Aurigemma
Jeremy Barkley
Adam Barstow
Aubrey Beckett
Maryam Bennett
Sabrina Bhaiji
Cameron Black
Megan Bobbitt
Jack Brubaker
Kyrie Bumpus
Alexander Chugh
Ben Dobrowolski
Reid Donato
Moriah Eck
Pearl Ernat
Emily Faas
Kamyia Fletcher
Lauren Gerhardt
Maria Glassmeyer-Pabon
Stephanie Glassmeyer-Pabon
Clare Grady
Kayla Hensley
Madeline Imler
Laura Jansing
Madelyn Johsnon
Becca Joseph
Sarah Keegan
Katherine Koelling
Christy Manuel
Leah Markovich
Ellen Martin
John Michael louz
Franchesca Noday
Cody Phillippi
Kyle Powers
Nick Rittenhouse
Nick Schlanz
Nicholas Schneider
Haley Schroeder
Joseph Stas
Mattie Stevens
Emalie Taylor
Kaelee Tobin
Alyssa Tomcho
Adam Unisley

* pledged entire deposit


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