A Senior Salute

Entrepreneurship Major Josh Marks

As the class of 2017 prepares to cross the stage for Wittenberg's 167th Commencement Exercises, a few seniors take time to reflect on their time at Wittenberg. Today's featured senior is entrepreneurship major Josh Marks from Watford, England.

Q. What are your career aspirations, and how did Wittenberg prepare you?

A. I am like many seniors who are still unsure of what the next steps are post-graduation, but I would like to become a business owner and continue to be creative and show my entrepreneurial spirit. Being an entrepreneurship major at Wittenberg University has allowed me access to wonderful, thought-provoking classes taught by truly encouraging professors who want you to succeed.

Q. Who influenced you the most during your time here at Wittenberg and how?

A. Outside of Wittenberg, it is my parents – they trusted me when I told them that Wittenberg was the place where I wanted to go to college, and they are the people who financed sending their son across the Atlantic for four years. I want to repay their belief in me and do them proud.

At Wittenberg, I’d say Dr. Tom Kaplan and Dr. Wendy Gradwohl (but also the entire business department). Dr. Kaplan inspired me to become a business major, and Dr. Gradwohl was my fantastic adviser,  and I am already excited to come back as an alumnus and recap them on everything I will achieve.

Q. Describe what Wittenberg means to you.

A. I don’t know where to start really. I have had plenty of time to reflect, be nostalgic, and see how I have grown and matured since being here. I have been molded by this place into a respectful, thoughtful and inspired individual. Wittenberg has given me far more than I could ever give back to it, and I am anxious and excited to leave so I can come back and hopefully inspire another generation of aspiring entrepreneurs.

Q. What advice would you give to the current and future students of Wittenberg?

A. Overcommitting is certainly a real problem, but not committing to anything greater than you is worse. I was fortunate to have been a member of the soccer team for three years, president of Phi Kappa Psi fraternity, and run two businesses (as well as schoolwork). If I had not kept myself busy, I would not have been half as successful here, and I would have been bored. There are so many organizations to get involved in here, and if not, you should start one yourself – there are people here for everyone.

Q. Describe your favorite memory you made at Wittenberg.

A. Bid Day for Phi Kappa Psi. I came to Wittenberg with no intention of joining a fraternity (because we have no such thing in England!), and I made the decision to rush on a whim. When I accepted my bid and walked into a room filled with 40 guys cheering and celebrating my arrival, I knew I had made the best decision possible. It cemented my aforementioned statement that being in some form of organization that fits you personally is the key to a successful and enjoyable time at college.

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