Who We Are

At Wittenberg, Tiger Ventures is a business incubator, and one of many places and organizations where that “outside of the classroom” learning happens. We play well with others. We desire to weave into the community and fabric of campus life. College is about learning and growing, as well as about how to function in the larger society, become self-reliant, and embrace self-discipline. Welcome!

Tiger Ventures Graphic Collage

Our Businesses

Whether it’s a freshly made cup of coffee, cool smoothie, or energy drink, Tiger Ventures has you covered with Sip’s Coffee Bar in COMPASS: Sweet Success Center, and Tiger Fuel in the lobby of the Health, Wellness & Athletics Complex. Follow both on social media to learn more, and look for future ventures, too.

Students At Sips Coffee Shop

A Growth Mindset

At Tiger Ventures, we thrive in the world of business, but most of the people that do business outside of academia are not business majors. As such, we rely on and grow because we have great relationships with all communities on campus: art, science, humanities, business, student life, and more. The world outside of Wittenberg is stitched together by people from all walks of life. Tiger Ventures works to do the same.

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