If you’re looking for a Master in Analytics, Data Science, or MBA in Business Analytics degree, enrolling in our MS in Analytics program makes you the change-agent you want to be as it turns group-think into a powerful platform for success.

Master of Science in Analytics program highlights include:

  • Completion in 12 months
  • Flexible classes with both in-person residency requirements and limited online courses available
  • Practical, personalized case studies tailored for your field
  • Networking from day one, both in and outside the classroom
  • Maximizing data analytics tools that already work for you

Earn Your Masters of Analytics in Ohio

Why Complete Your Master’s in Analytics at Wittenberg?

Data Sciences & Business Analytics are Among the Fastest-Growing Fields in the Ohio region.

Research has shown that there will be a significant need for people with an advanced MS in Analytics, MBA, or MSBA degree. Management, healthcare, finance, marketing, logistics, and operations are just a few of the industries that are paying six-figure salaries for masters in data science graduates who can capture, organize, and analyze data so that better decisions can be made.

"By combining high demand with high-impact learning in the liberal arts tradition, Wittenberg's M.S. in Analytics program ensures that its graduates can bridge the gap faster and advance further in the profession."

Wittenberg Assistant Professor of Practice Kevin Steidel

The Best Masters in Business Analytics Program of Its Kind in Ohio.

Prospective business analytics majors will search for MBA in business analytics or MS in data science programs when looking to advance their analytics careers. Wittenberg’s MS in Analytics program in Ohio is the only one of its kind in the nation with blended on-campus residency and online coursework. Wittenberg's MS in Analytics program also features:

  • Collaborative projects that focus on real-world issues and client-facing problems.
  • Top-level advisory board consisting of leading data science educators and industry executives, all of whom are accessible to you for networking and advice.
  • Final project readiness, which highlights your personal passion or current industry work.
  • A learning-and-lifestyle intersection designed to meet the preferences of working data science and business analytics professionals.

Earn Your Master of Science in Analytics Degree.

Are you ready for an exciting and fulfilling career in business analytics and data sciences? Wittenberg's MS in Analytics program in Springfield, Ohio will prepare you to confidently help organizational leaders make better, faster decisions.

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Master of Science in Analytics Testimonials

"This [MS in Analytics] program has helped me develop confidence and knowledge when it comes to presenting the analytics."

Steve Simecek, Data Analyst J.P. Morgan Chase

"I've learned a lot about the software, the tools and the processes in the field. The program also follows along with Wittenberg liberal arts ideas: developing the 'wholeness of the person' and seeing the whole picture."

Shelby Kaho, Wittenberg Master of Science in Analytics graduate

“The [Master of Science in Analytics] program has given me the experience and tools needed to allow me to combine data in new ways. I am really enjoying it."

Travis Croxall, Wittenberg MS in Analytics graduate

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