MS in Analytics Capstone Project

A unique feature of Wittenberg University's Master of Science in Analytics program is the requirement that each student design and complete and original capstone project that addresses a problem or opportunity that is both practical and professionally relevant. Students completing their capstone projects benefit from faculty and other professionals who will both coach students and assess the results of their work. Each student's final presentation is delivered to a panel of professionals.

Four phases of the Capstone Project:

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Project Exploration (1 credit)

You will identify an original capstone project that adds value to a significant real world problem. You will then explore the issues that are central to the project.

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Project Design and Proposal (2 credits)

You will identify specific data needed that will be analyzed to complete the capstone project. You will present a project proposal, that when executed, should yield valuable insights about the target problem or opportunity.

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Project Execution (2 credits)

You will document results of your analysis and assess the validity and applicability of your findings. You will also evaluate any limitations of your study.

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Project Finalization and Reporting (1 credit)

The final presentations must be thorough, insightful and relevant. The final presentations will be delivered to panels of faculty and industry professionals and clients (where applicable).

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