The mission of the Oral Communication Center is to help students learn how to ethically and effectively communicate their ideas in a manner appropriate to context and with consideration for diverse listeners.

Location: Thomas Library 206

Opening Sunday, January 24th
Spring 2021 Hours:
Sunday-Thursday, 7:00-10:00 p.m.

Please watch the following videos for information on how to register, how to schedule sessions, and how to schedule with a group.


Making an Email Session

Making an Online Session

Group Projects in the OCC

The goal is to empower students to participate effectively and meaningfully in academic, civic, professional, and social contexts throughout their lives by helping them develop oral communication skills that transcend the parameters of a particular assignment or project.

The OCC is a place where you can go to receive one-to-one assistance with any stage of preparation (from brainstorming, to organizing your ideas, to polishing your delivery) for any kind of speaking assignment (from presentations to debates to leading a class session) or any speaking-related skill (from speech anxiety to effective listening to developing a PowerPoint presentation). A trained student consultant will work with you, provide suggestions and feedback, and help guide your preparation in the right direction. If you want to practice your speaking, you can choose to be videotaped, and the consultant will watch the video with you and provide helpful suggestions. The OCC also features a projector so you can work on and practice with your PowerPoint presentation.

"Speech is power: speech is to persuade, to convert, to compel." -Ralph Waldo Emerson


The Oral Communication Center (OCC) provides one-to-one assistance for students with a presentation, discussion, debate, leading a class session, or any other kind of speaking requirement. Trained student consultants can work with you on any stage of the preparation process, from brainstorming about topics, to helping you decide how to organize your ideas, to offering feedback on a practice run-through. The consultation is designed to help foster effective preparation and speaking skills, which students can then apply to future speaking assignments. Come see how we can help you!

Make an OCC consultation appointment. Appointments are strongly recommended to ensure you receive first priority when you visit.

For questions on the OCC, please contact the director, Mike Mattison, Ph.D., via email at

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