Inauguration Subcommittees

Alumni Engagement and Guest List
Chairs: Eric Rusnak and Sophia Vandiford
This committee handles all efforts to engage alumni, friends and guests in this milestone event, including: preparing invitation list, managing all mailings and RSVPs, designating a point-of-contact for questions from invitees, following up with invitees who did not RSVP, hosting arrangements for delegates, president’s guests and platform party as needed, manage airport pickups, assist with robing, recommend programs/avenues for engaging alumni in celebration and promoting alumni accomplishments as part of publicity, and handle post-event thank you notes.

Student Involvement and Engagement
Chairs: Kevin Carey, Lucas George and Rachel Wallace
This committee will seek to engage students in the week’s activities and ensure that the week is student-centered in every way. Responsibilities include social media strategizing, video development, programming and creating special gatherings that appeal to students.

Service and Community
Chair: Stephanie McCuistion
This committee seeks to highlight, engage and celebrate our partnerships with the Springfield community, and extend Wittenberg’s tradition of service into the week’s planning. Responsibilities include leveraging opportunities for service on campus and in the community during week of inauguration, considering ways to promote our commitment to service, which may involve working with the ceremony committee to ensure service is reflected in the ceremony, and developing avenues for celebrating alumni in service.

Programming and Points of Pride Chairs
Chair: Cherie Rebar
Responsible for planning and connecting all the week’s programs to ensure they reflect the outlined vision for the week, this committee will work to highlight the university’s mission and values in established events, including the Celebration of Learning. Responsibilities include identifying events to highlight, organizing new events as needed, and ensuring that the arts and athletics are adequately infused into the planning.

Ceremony Committee

Chairs: Brian Yontz and Katie Warber
This committee is responsible for planning and implementing all aspects of the inauguration ceremony and installation. Areas of focus include: ceremony program, roster of platform speakers, use of music/performances, presentation of flags, and nature of academic procession. Additionally, this committee will draft script and formulary for steering committee approval, determine floor plan for seating, and handle placement of every element (flowers, musical performances, campus history/artifacts, flags, etc.) at the ceremony.

Facilities and Support Services
Chairs: Ron Reynolds and Brandee Bates
Responsible for scheduling all facilities and related arrangements for the inauguration ceremony, this committee handles parking, catering, floral needs, physical plant services, cleaning, security, inclement weather plans, equipment rental, signage, and management of all meals, accommodations and receptions, among other needs.

Communications and Publicity
Chairs: Karen Gerboth and Mecca Abdul-Aziz
This committee is responsible for the design and printing of all inaugural materials, event marketing and publicity, and management of internal and external engagement in Wittenberg’s story. Responsibilities include website development, inaugural announcements, invitations, programs, press kits, email templates, presidential positioning with media, and post-inauguration communication needs.


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