President's Council for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

PCDEI Mission:

The Council seeks to further strengthen Wittenberg’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion by providing a platform to identify needs and concerns, provide input to the Office of President, and formulate coordinated actions and initiatives to address topics related to diversity, equity, and inclusion within all areas of the campus community.


  • Formulating a strategic vision for DEI at Wittenberg to determine & prioritize opportunities for improvement
  • Developing short- and long-term goals to support Wittenberg’s commitment to DEI
  • Serve as a source of oversight for the DEI objectives of the University and PCDEI action teams
  • Engage campus community on DEI initiatives

Holy Days & Cultural Observances

PCDEI Committee Members

  • Tracy Paschke-Johannes (Co-Chair) - David and Carol Matevia Endowed University Pastor
  • Joi Garrett Scales (Co-Chair) - Assistant Dean for Diversity, Inclusion, & Belonging; Director of McClain Center for Diversity
  • Michael Frandsen - University President
  • Casey Gill - Vice President for Student Development and Dean of Students
  • Brian Yontz - Provost and Professor of Education
  • Kunal Chatterjee - Assistant Professor of Biology
  • Sunny Jeong - Associate Professor of Business & Economics
  • DeAnna Sullivan - Associate Director of Human Resources
  • Kristina Bryant - Director of Student Conduct & Deputy Title IX Coordinator
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