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President's Senior Staff

Michael Frandsen

Michael Frandsen, Ph.D.

Casey Gill

Casey Gill
Vice President & Dean of Students
(937) 327-7801

Karen Gerboth

Karen Gerboth
Vice President for Marketing and Communications
(937) 327-6141

Rick Mickool

Rick Mickool
Chief Information Officer
(937) 525-3811

Carola Thorson

Carola Thorson
Vice President for Enrollment Management
(937) 327-6360

Gary Williams

Gary Williams, Ph.D.
Vice President & Director of Athletics and Recreation
(937) 327-6472

Molly Williams

Molly Fannon Williams
Interim Vice President of Advancement and Alumni Engagement
(937) 327-7426

Rob Young

Rob Young
Vice President for Finance and Administration
(937) 327-7009

Mary Jo Zembar

Mary Jo Zembar, Ph.D.
Interim Provost
(937) 327-7921

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