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FIRE Week 2024: February 26-March 1

One of the most exciting aspects of Wittenberg University's Connections Curriculum is FIRE Week: Focused, Integrated, Reflective, Experience. During this time, students have a chance to engage in-depth with faculty, staff and other students on a wide range of topics.

For 2024, there are opportunities to study the politics of water in California; to explore shipwrecks and lighthouses in Michigan; to consider the odds and history of gambling in Las Vegas; to investigate the history of the Underground Railroad in Cincinnati; to examine the question of leadership; to learn what marine biologists do; to study Black history in Washington, D.C.; to understand the paradoxical power of the Mississippi River, and to get an inside look at the Clark County justice system, among others.

The possibilities are as rich and varied as the people at Wittenberg. Check out all of the engaging educational opportunities that Wittenberg students have to choose from in 2024 (brochure embedded below).

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FIRE Week 2023

Approximately 150 students engaged in a Focused, Integrated, Reflective Experience during our second annual FIRE Week, which took place February 27 to March 3, 2023.

FIRE Week 2023

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