Academic Advising: Achieving Excellence

"Good advising may be the single most underestimated characteristic of a successful college experience."
-R.J. Light, Making the Most of College

At Wittenberg, academic advising is a crucial part of faculty work. It is an opportunity to challenge students to:

  • Make informed decisions
  • Set short- and long-range educational goals
  • Accept responsibility for their educational developments
  • Grow personally and academically

and an opportunity to talk with students about:

  • Life and career goals
  • Values, interests, abilities, and personality
  • Learning styles, strengths, and limitations
  • Decision-making skills
  • Campus resources

An excellent companion site is Experiential Learning at Wittenberg. It will allow students (and you) to investigate all the options available in terms of mentored research, internships, professional/career development, national/international study, and community engagement.

The links on the right are then designed to help faculty further support students as they discover their passions and abilities. And here is a quick listing of resources that can help students answer questions about finances, housing, personal issues.

You may also want to visit the student advising page from COMPASS: Sweet Success Center.

Questions on advising?
Contact Mike Mattison, Associate Provost


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