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Wittenberg students are welcomed to campus with a range of academic and social opportunities and activities intended to help with the transition to college life.

First Year Seminar is a year-long course that is designed for you in your first year at Wittenberg: to become rooted at Wittenberg in your academic work, your social life, in connections with the community and beyond—and to lay ground work for what lies ahead after college.

The First Year Seminar is taught by a three-person team: faculty, co-facilitator, and student peer mentor. The faculty member serves as the academic advisor for the student’s first semester until a major is declared and teaches a general education course that is linked to the First Year Seminar. Co-facilitators are specialists from campus life who offer a range of advice and resources for co-curricular issues. The Peer Mentor is a student leader selected to ease transitions and offer on-the-ground advice and counsel. First Year Seminar meets for two semesters, providing a cohort and strong connection to all aspects of campus life for your time at Wittenberg.

Summer Orientation is a chance for you to visit campus and get acquainted with the place you will call home for the next four years. At Summer Orientation you will tour your residence hall, view your class schedule, attend informative sessions about life at Witt, talk to current students as well as other incoming First-Years, and learn what it means to be a Wittenberg Student.

My Course Preferences is the online portal which you will use to register for classes, explore all of the great student groups Wittenberg has to offer, and learn all about our academic programs and potential majors.

New Student Days is a required four-day orientation program for first-year students that takes place immediately before classes begin each fall semester.

English 101 is a first-year writing class that introduces students to basic forms and conventions of college writing, provides the opportunity for frequent practice in writing and revising, and helps students explore various stages of the writing process from planning to proofreading.

Emerging Leaders Program is a leadership development program for first-year students that meets weekly from October-December each year. Through the program, students develop the skills, personal qualities and knowledge they will need to be effective leaders at Wittenberg. Students will also have the opportunity to work with mentors to plan an event or program for the campus in the second semester.

Community Service and Service-Learning are experiences students can participate in during their years at Wittenberg. First-year students will have the option to participate in a service-learning course where they can engage in meaningful and purposeful ways of connecting the concepts and theories they learn in the classroom with the practical, hands-on learning of "real life" experience.


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