First Year Seminar


The First Year Seminar (FYS) is a fall semester 4-credit class that provides an introduction to Wittenberg, to campus resources, and to the foundational skills and expectations of college level courses. FYS also engages students in thinking about a problem facing society. Each enduring problem is based on content specific to the instructor of the course. Students will work with peers, faculty, and campus resources to engage meaningfully with the problem and society as a whole. FYS courses also have peer mentors, student leaders selected to ease transitions and offer on-the-ground advice and counsel. 

Learning Outcomes

    The learning outcomes of FYS 101 reflect this range of topics:

    • You will apply scholarly methods of inquiry to confront an enduring challenge relevant to our community through the lens of content covered in the course.
    • You will apply the writing process (drafting, editing, incorporating feedback, revision) to craft prose that is attentive to audience and purpose.
    • You will locate, critically assess, and ethically use informational sources.
    • You will identify the knowledge and skills needed to be active and engaged citizens.
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