Advising Philosophy

Basic to Wittenberg's mission is a deep and abiding concern for the welfare of each of its students and the education of the whole person. Accordingly, an important responsibility of its faculty and staff is to provide professional, competent advice for each student with respect to educational, vocational, and personal planning. The approach is person-centered, treating each student as a distinct individual.

Wittenberg recognizes that personal growth and maturity are reached through acceptance of responsibility. The college, therefore, affirms that the primary responsibility for the pattern and outcome of the student's educational program and for the development of social responsibility lies with each student. The role of the advisor is supportive; the student is responsible for knowing institutional policies and programs and has full responsibility for all decisions made.

While Wittenberg recognizes the interest and concerns of parents, it considers the student to be a young adult and a responsible agent, acting in the pursuit of educational goals and social responsibility. The college believes that its relationship with the student complements the students' changing relationship to the parents. Accordingly, the University does not assume the role of parent. Rather, the faculty and staff work along with the parents to cultivate independent and responsible action of the part of the student.

Students need to use effectively the campus network of advisors and counselors. Students living in residence halls are urged to contact their Area Coordinator first to focus quickly and realistically on problems related to personal and adjustment issues. Those students living in Greek houses or off campus are urged to contact any member of the Student Development staff regarding adjustment problems.

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