Civic Engagement Courses

Civic engagement (CE) experiences focus on civic identity and help students develop the knowledge, skills, and dispositions to be engaged citizens in their communities.

Specifically, the learning outcomes are:

  1. Students will make connections between new knowledge and community experiences
  2. Students will understand civic identity and commitment
  3. Students will reflect on the value of diversity in communities

All civic engagement experiences must:

  • include at least 12.5 total hours (1 credit hour) spent in direct service, time spent on work related to a community project, and reflection on the civic engagement experience;
  • include a significant collaboration with a community partner that is shaped in consultation with the partner;
  • help students meet the civic engagement learning outcomes and meet the identified needs and goals of the community partner.

The deadline to submit the form for summer and fall 2024 classes is February 2, 2024. Faculty should already have a community partner in mind or talk with the Director of the Hagen Center before filling out the form.

If faculty need help finding a partner, they can contact the Hagen Center ( before submitting their course proposal.

Course Listings

  • Click here to read complete descriptions of the Civic Engagement courses offered at Wittenberg.
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