Hagen Center Civic Internship Program

About the Program

The Hagen Center’s Civic Internship Program is an internship program that runs every summer from the last week in May through the end of July. The program helps students develop skills and knowledge to be active and engaged citizens. Students will learn how communities work towards collective goals, build habits of a civic professional, and develop mutually beneficial connections.

Students learn from local leaders how communities work towards collective goals and how the work they do in their internship contributes to the building of a stronger community.

If you would like to hire a Wittenberg intern during the academic year (August - May), please visit our Career and Professional Development page.

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For information, questions, or concerns, please contact Kristen Collier, 937-327-7523 or kcollier@wittenberg.edu

Key Dates

  • February 1 by 5pm - Internship proposals due from community organizations
  • On February 16 - Hagen Center posts all positions on Handshake
  • Required Interest Meeting for Students: February 13, 15, 21 in 201 Shouvlin
  • March 6 by 11pm - Deadline for students to apply in Handshake
  • By March 11 - Internship sites will begin review of applications
  • March 12-22 - Internship sites contact applicants, interview, and offer positions
  • March 31 – Deadline for internships sites to notify Hagen Center of selections after students have accepted their position(s)
  • May 28 - Program begins for students
  • June 3 - Students first day with partners
  • July 26 - Last day of internship

Frequently Asked Questions

How and when do students apply for the internship program?

The Hagen Center starts recruiting for the summer internship at the beginning of spring semester. Students should attend an Interest Meeting or contact Kristen Collier, kcollier@wittenberg.edu, to gain access to all Civic Internship position opportunities listed in Handshake. Opportunities will be available starting mid-February and applications are due March 6th by 11pm. Students are encouraged to apply to at least three internships. About a week after the application due date, sites will begin to contact students, set up interviews and make a selection.

What are the requirements to apply?

Any Wittenberg student can apply with a 2.5+ GPA.

Are internships paid?

Yes, we anticipate that students will be paid $10.70 an hour and will work 30 hours per week on-site.

Where do interns live over the summer?

The Hagen Center will cover the cost of summer housing on campus for the duration of the internship dates. If students need housing before or after the internship dates, students are responsible for paying for that housing.

Can students get academic credit for their internship?

Yes, but you have to register on Handshake, have an advisor and pay for the credits.

How many hours a week are required?

Most interns will work no more than 30 hours per week and will attend a paid 2-hour weekly gathering (meals provided).

What are the requirements beyond the on-site internship hours?

The Hagen Center requires students to participate in a four day orientation (starting May 28th), weekly gatherings and a final celebration event the last week, where interns provide a visual reflection on their experience. Interns will also submit a final written self-reflection.

What are the benefits of doing the internship program?
  • Applied Learning: Chance to apply academic knowledge and skills within a work environment.
  • Soft Skill Development: Our community partners help students develop the soft skills necessary for succeeding in a professional environment.
  • Mentorship: Site supervisors provide professional development mentorship relevant to the academic interests of the student.
What type of internships are available?

Each year we send a request to community organizations to submit possible projects for interns to consider. Intern positions are with non-profits who offer numerous opportunities related to a variety of majors (including, but not limited to communication, marketing, program development/planning, fundraising, youth development, recreation, event planning, community gardening/sustainability, research/data mapping).

What are students learning outcomes for the internship program?
  • Participation in the program will increase student’s awareness and understanding of the challenges and rewards of making positive change in community.
  • Through interaction with community partners, faculty members and members of the Greater Springfield community, students will have the opportunity to exercise and further develop their leadership, communication and problem-solving skills.
  • Students will complete projects that meet goals and expectations established by community partners working in collaboration with the Hagen Center.
  • After building personal connections within the Greater Springfield community, student perceptions about Springfield and Clark County will improve.

What Students are Saying

“This summer project has given me confidence in my abilities to adapt to new situations and take on fairly autonomous projects. Additionally, I have experience seeing the behind the scenes working of a non-profit organization working toward the goal of youth development and poverty alleviation. My sociology background combined with these experiences has led me to develop a passion for servant leadership and social justice; things I will try to incorporate into my professional future.”

“After participating in the Hagen Center internship, my eyes were opened to the positive and progressive things about the community as well as the countless jobs opportunities. My eyes were also opened to realize that I want to help people as a career and this community is a place that could use my help just as much as any other.”

What Partner Sites are Saying

"Without the hard work of interns we would not be able to provide all of the services that we offer"

“Our agency was enhanced by the committed and dependable interns this summer.”

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