Community Service

Civic Engagement Through Service provides students an introduction to civic engagement through a semester-long service experience. The course emphasizes making connections between new knowledge and community experiences; understanding civic identity and commitment; and reflecting on the value of diversity in communities.

What are the requirements for CCUE 100?

  • Students complete 27 hours of service and 3 hours of reflection in the semester they are registered for the course.
  • Students must complete a minimum of 20 of their 27 hours with one site.
  • Students turn in a Placement Confirmation form with approval from the site within three weeks after the Orientation session (a specific deadline will be provided to students at the Orientation).
  • Students attend a RAP (Reflection, Action, Participation) session to talk about what they are learning from the service experience related to the learning outcomes of the course.
  • Students submit a service log, self-evaluation and a written reflection at the end of the semester.
  • Service sites verify a service log and submit a site evaluation for each student completing 20 or more service hours with their organization.

Adult Degree-Seeking students follow a separate process for completing the community service/civic engagement requirement and need permission to register for their special section (section 02) of CCUE 100 and should contact the Hagen Center for more details.

Course Guidelines

  • Interact with people from various cultures and life situations and address societal issues that challenge the community.
  • Connect with Springfield/Clark County by completing service hours in this community.
  • Engage with non-profit organizations that are in partnership with the Hagen Center's Community Service program (a list of partners can be found on the Community Service Opportunities List). If a student wants to serve with a non-partner site, then they need to submit a Self-Design proposal for approval. The experience must meet the guidelines for CMSV 100 and allow the student to achieve the desired outcomes of CCUE 100. In reviewing the proposal, consideration will be given to the level and type of engagement the student has already had with this local community and to their residential status.
  • For an alternative service immersion trip experience to count, it must be sponsored by a Wittenberg organization or department.
  • All requirements of the course must be completed during the semester registered for CCUE 100 to successfully pass with a Satisfactory grade.
  • Service connected to a faith-based organization must meet the following criteria: the experience's primary purpose must be first and foremost to provide a direct service that addresses a specific social issue that benefits the larger community; the experience must have clearly defined outcomes for the recipients of the service; and the experience must be open to all members of the community regardless of their race, gender, religion, nationality, ethnicity, sexual orientation, physical ability, or disability.

The CCUE 100 experience

  • Is separate from service required by internship or another course for credit.
  • Is not compensated.
  • Does not allow students to count hours spent sleeping/traveling towards the 27-hour requirement.
  • Does not involve direct religious persuasion or political campaigning.
  • Does not include participating in events such as one-time fundraisers where the student does not interact directly with the non-profit organization or its staff.

CCUE 100 Learning Outcomes

  • Make connections between new knowledge and community experiences
  • Understand civic identity and commitment
  • Reflect on the value of diversity in communities

Service Opportunities

Click Here to view the most updated list of service opportunities (this list does not include partners who are on hiatus)

Service Immersion Experience (an intensive week or more of service, and typically includes travel to domestic or international community outside of Springfield)

Service immersion experiences that want to be considered as a CCUE 100 opportunity must be sponsored by a Wittenberg organization/department and approved by the Hagen Center.

A student must be registered for CCUE 100 during the semester that the experience is offered and meet all the requirements of the course.

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