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May 1, 2020
On Campus

Celebration of Learning 2020

Student Achievements and Performances Recognized During 8th Annual Event

Springfield, Ohio – Coming to you virtually this year, Wittenberg University opened the eighth annual Liberal Arts in Action: A Celebration of Learning on Tuesday, May 5.

Due to the COVID-19 health crisis, this year’s rendition featured videos of students giving panel presentations or TED Talks, PowerPoint presentations, pictures of art from the senior art thesis project (coming soon), and recorded dances on the University’s website.

“Students participating in the Celebration of Learning are supported by their departments as they showcase their work. They represent the very best that Wittenberg has to offer,” said Cherie Rebar, professor of nursing and co-chair of the event along with Maria Bashaw, director of nursing. “We congratulate them and want to pass on our thanks for their hard work and participation in the program. We extend gratitude to Vanessa Orduna Zarazua and Cameron Dobrotka for their contributions in making this an exceptional day for the Wittenberg Community. Special thanks to Ryan Maurer for technical support, and to Linda Beals for helping us circulate the word about the event to local high schools!

“This is an event dedicated to celebrating student achievement. We have more than 125 unique students represented overall during this virtual event,” Rebar said. “This is a different way of sharing the accomplishments of the students, and we are glad they have a virtual venue since we could not be on campus.”

Celebration of Learning 2020
Welcome to our virtual Celebration of Learning, featuring videos of students giving panel presentations or TED Talks, PowerPoint presentations, pictures of art from the senior art thesis project, and recorded dances on the University’s website.
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Other committee members include Brandee Bates Kern, director of scheduling and events; Linda Beals, Office of Admission; Cameron Dobrotka ’20, Student Senate; Sharon Greitzer, University Communications; Holly Gersbacher, director of alumni and lifelong engagement; Ryan Maurer, University Communications; Vanessa Orduna Zarazuna ’20, Student Senate; William Davis, assistant professor of psychology; Michael Mattison, associate provost, Writing Center director, and professor of English; and Michelle Mattson, provost.

A Celebration of Learning is designed to showcase students’ talents across different academic departments and co-curricular activities as it unites students, faculty, and staff around this year's academic accomplishments.

Another special event that is part of the Celebration of Learning was presented by Wittenberg philosophers partnering with the Public Philosophy Network and Brooklyn Public Philosophers to do a Celebration of Learning "Ask a Philosopher Booth" on Facebook live on Saturday, April 25, at noon.   

Philosophy majors Greta Anderson, Ethan (Keek) Bochicchio, Jhiara Henderson, and Andrew Richardson joined Nancy McHugh, professor and chair of philosophy and director of Women's Studies, and special guest Ian Olasov to run the booth. Olasov is the founder of The Ask a Philosopher Booth and author of the forthcoming book Ask a Philosopher: Answers to Your Most Important and Most Unexpected Questions.

Cindy Holbrook
Cindy Holbrook
Senior Communications Assistant

About Wittenberg

Wittenberg's curriculum has centered on the liberal arts as an education that develops the individual's capacity to think, read, and communicate with precision, understanding, and imagination. We are dedicated to active, engaged learning in the core disciplines of the arts and sciences and in pre-professional education grounded in the liberal arts. Known for the quality of our faculty and their teaching, Wittenberg has more Ohio Professors of the Year than any four-year institution in the state. The university has also been recognized nationally for excellence in community service, sustainability, and intercollegiate athletics. Located among the beautiful rolling hills and hollows of Springfield, Ohio, Wittenberg offers more than 100 majors, minors and special programs, enviable student-faculty research opportunities, a unique student success center, service and study options close to home and abroad, a stellar athletics tradition, and successful career preparation.

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