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Celebration of Learning 2020

On behalf of the Wittenberg Community, we welcome you to Wittenberg’s eighth annual Liberal Arts in Action: A Celebration of Learning.

This is an event dedicated to celebrating student achievement. There are more than 125 students presenting their work, experiences and performances. Due to the unprecedented Coronavirus event this semester, the Celebration of Learning is presented in virtual format.

Students participating in the Celebration of Learning are supported by their departments as they showcase their work. They represent the very best that Wittenberg has to offer. We congratulate them and want to pass on our thanks for their hard work and participation in the program.

We extend gratitude to Vanessa Orduna Zarazua and Cameron Dobrotka for their contributions in making this an exceptional day for the Wittenberg Community. Special thanks to Ryan Maurer for technical support, and to Linda Beals for helping us circulate the word about the event to local high schools!

We invite you to join us in celebrating our students’ achievements!


Cherie Rebar, Ph.D., MBA, RN, COI; Professor of Nursing
Marie Bashaw, DNP, RN, NEA-BC; Director and Professor of Nursing

2020 Celebration Of Learning Program




An Investigation of the Antimicrobial Resistance Patterns of E. coli to Essential Oils
Presenter: Lindsey King



“Paws”-ing To Swipe: The Effects Of Inclusion Of Dogs In Online Dating Profile Pictures
Presenter: Maggie Keverline

Metaphorical Criticism of "I'm Already There," by LoneStar
Presenter: Sam Bepler

Panel Talks

Internships In Communication
Presenter: Ally Stone

Peloton Ethicality
Presenters: Lindsay Fetherolf, Aaron Banion, and Emily Kaufman

Diversity: Shakira and Jennifer Lopez Halftime Performance Controversy
Presenters: Aubrey Cox, Riley Culver, James Hagerman, Robin Kaigle

  • Presentation (Google Slides - click on audio button on each slide)

Online Communication Ethics
Nick Angeli, Jonathan Butler, Kenzie Hill, Megan Selby

Assassination of Qasem Soleimani
Presenters: Bryson Owens, Curtis Salmans, Kellon Norfleet, Jason Gregory

Environmental Science


Nesting Behavior Of The Azure Winged Magpie
Presenter: Ashley Cave

The Ruination Of The Ship: Shipworms And Their Impact Of Human Maritime Travel
Presenter: Trevor Hoberty

How Depth And Year Affect Reef Fish Species In Islamorada
Presenter: Madison Nadler

Bird Nesting Box Occupancy Based On Habitat Type
Presenter: Samuel Beckett

A Stomach Content Analysis Of The Most Endangered Marine Mammal
Presenters: Jordan Dawson, Danielle Waples

Effect Of Weather On Small Mammal Populations
Presenter: Andrew Shanor

Trapping Variation In Frogs In Ohio Fens
Presenter: Greyden Yoder

Loggerhead Sea Turtle In Situ vs Relocated Nest Success In Charleston County, South Carolina
Presenter: Brittany Shelton-Dooley

The Influence Of Tin Coverboard Temperature Variation On The Capture Of Kirtland’s And Garter Snakes
Presenter: Emory Schweitzer

Relationships Between Mom And Offspring In Short-Finned Pilot Whales, Globicephalamacrorhynchus, By Drone Footage
Presenter: Emily Buckley

Carbaryl Exposure to Danio rerio Leads to Activation of the Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor Pathway
Presenter: Taylor Barnhisel, Ivonne Perez



Modelling Plume Evolution under Archean and Phanerozoic Mantle Conditions using ASPECT (Advanced Solver for Problems in Earth’s Convection)
Presenter: Quintin Muhlenkamp



Presenters: Allie Klein, Sam Monachino, Dorothy Morgan, Camille Odle

A Study Of College Athletes vs. Non-Athletes And The Related Mental Health Affects
Presenters: Allison Ormsby, Stevie Plikerd, Jessica Swanson

Nutrition In Dorms
Presenters: Hannah Winget, Abby Sammons, Alix Steele

Which Preventative Resources Are Used To Prevent Sexual Assault On Wittenberg’s Campus and What Methods Could Be Implemented To Further The Protection On Campus?
Presenters: Abi Henson, Jill Baker, Sydney Artis

Effects of Meditation And Exercise On College Student Stress Levels
Presenters: Sierra Phibbs, Rachel Cole, Kelley Antoine, Ryley Dunphy

Influence Of Nutrition And Exercise On Mentality
Presenters: Brianna Lunsford, Tatyana Mays, Krista Scott

How Finances Affect College Students
Presenters: Shyann Predmore, Dakota White, Sean Hankerson

Vaping In Our College Community
Presenters: Tanner Boros, Zadia Buchanan, Taiylour Kirkwood, Katie McFarland

Does Exercise Improve Mental Health in College Students?
Presenters: Sarah Albaugh, Nathan Andorfer, Jake Andorfer, Betsy Cadwallader, Taylor Dean

Mental Health In College Students
Presenters: Karli Daniels, Lauren Hampp, Rachel Leach, Rachel Mackov


Ask a Philosopher - Facebook Live (April 25, 2020)

As part of our virtual Celebration of Learning, Wittenberg Philosophers partnered with the Public Philosophy Network and Brooklyn Public Philosophers to present their popular "Ask a Philosopher Booth" on Facebook Live.

The event was hosted by Ian Olasov, founder of the Ask a Philosopher Booth and author of the forthcoming book "Ask a Philosopher: Answers to Your Most Important and Most Unexpected Questions." Wittenberg philosophy majors Greta Andersen, Ethan (Keek) Bochicchio, Jhiara Henderson, and Andrew Richardson participate, along with Dr. Nancy McHugh and Olasov.

Watch Ask A Philosopher Booth On Facebook Live



Love Languages
Presenters: Jubileen Kombe, Jayson Nowak

Personality and Conflict Management Styles
Presenters: Maddy Fisher, Brooke Miller, Erica Tura, Briana Gibson

Video Game Exposure and Risk Perception
Presenters: Brandon Dlabik, Jonathan Seay, Troy Jones, Sahaj Vohra

Lecture Questions in American Classrooms vs India Classrooms
Presenters: Jubileen Komme, Antonia Turner

Gender Differences in Crosswalk Use
Presenters: Danielle Gilbert, Lucas Klever, Natalie Lowen, Brittney Didomenico

Panel Talk

Examining Personality Across College Institution Types
Presenter: Cassidy Taylor

TED Talk

Religious Upbringing And Anti-Atheist Personality Judgments of Narcissism
Presenter: Harley Paul



Perceptions of Sound-Based Cues in Real Time
Presenters: Jubileen Kombe, Nick Bednar, Martha Austen, Shasteny Cabrena Roldan, Kathryn Campbell-Kibler

Panel Talk

Environmental Attitudes, Behaviors and the Gaps In-Between
Presenter: Lindsay Fetherolf

Studying Sociology in the Community at NAMI in Springfield
Presenter: Eliott Gleeson

Theatre & Dance


Dance Composition Class
Presenter: Sarah Schildmeyer

Dance Composition Class
Presenter: Isaac Lewis

Dance Composition Class
Presenter: Claire Warnecke

Spring 2020 Jazz Class

Writing Center


The Write Stuff: A Survey On The Writing Center
Presenters: Mallory Austin, Isabel Travis, Hailey Zimmerman

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