For more than a third of Wittenberg's population, "going Greek" is more than just a catch phrase; it's a life-changing decision in their college career.

At Witt, sorority and fraternity members work hard to break negative stereotypes of Greek organizations that are sometimes portrayed in the media. Members are involved in a majority of the university's events, programs, and student organizations; and many members hold executive positions within those organizations. Wittenberg's fraternity and sorority members also contribute many volunteer hours to make Wittenberg and the city of Springfield a better place, constantly building upon a strong tradition of leadership, success, and pride.

Our Mission

Fraternity & Sorority Life at Wittenberg University is dedicated to creating a co-curricular living and learning experience that enhances the educational mission of the university. Through active participation in sorority and fraternity chapters, students will develop leadership skills, compassion, and wholeness of person.

Our Vision

  • A growing, cooperative community of fraternities and sororities that strive to achieve high standards of scholarship and conduct as individuals and chapters setting positive examples in the community.
  • Greek organizations are truly learning (and sometimes living) environments and are self-governing, so that they hold their members accountable for their behavior and set positive examples for all students. Places where respect and support for individual differences, choices, talents, and intellectual pursuits is expected and inclusiveness is achieved; where hazing has absolutely no place.
  • A community where non-Greek students, faculty, administrators, staff, and the local community value the contributions of fraternity and sorority members and visibly and audibly support their activities and endeavors.
  • A community that values its past and plans for its future by maintaining and including alumnae/i members to stay involved.
  • With our mission and vision in mind, fraternity/sorority membership is open to all students regardless of age, race, religion, color, national origin, sexual orientation or disability. However, the single sex status of each organization is protected under law.

Research tells us that members of sororities and fraternities, after graduation:

  • are more likely to be engaged in their jobs
  • are overall experiencing a higher level of well being
  • are more emotionally attached to their institution
  • are more likely to have started their own business
  • report that college prepared them for a successful life

This site will provide you with access to information about the services, programs, and events sponsored by our office and our fraternal organizations. You can also submit a Fraternity/Sorority Interest Form to let chapters know you are interested in learning more about their organization.

Our Staff

Fraternity & Sorority Life at Wittenberg University is part of the Office of Student Involvement and all functions are overseen by the Director of Student Involvement. We welcome your questions and feedback. You can reach us via email at

Greek Week 2022

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